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Random Creepiest Things People Who Live In Remote Places Described They’ve Experienced In The Wilderness

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    Someone Started Scratching A Trailer In The Middle Of Nowhere

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    From Redditor u/0veru5edMemez:
    My dad owns a plot of land in south-central Illinois. It consists of crop fields and woods. My dad's nephew, call him T, and his wife, B, live in a trailer next to an auction barn they own.
    One night, B was home alone. They're porch faces the road, and they have a street light by their circle drive (on their ground, not the road). B saw a silhouette walk across the porch, his shadow visible on the door window. She later heard scratching on the screen of a window. She had enough. She grabbed T's handgun and opened the door.
    There was no car in the circle drive other than her own. She screamed something like, "I got a gun and I'm not afraid to kill you mother**cker!" The scratching stopped.

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    An Irish Stalker Followed This Child For Miles

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    From Redditor u/itsmekathy:
    When I was young, my grandmother lived in a very rural part of Ireland and my brother and I were sent to visit her for a couple of weeks every summer. Frequently my grandmother would send us out to do little jobs for her - bring bread or jam to neighbours, or to collect turf for the fire.
    One summer's day she gave me a loaf of bread and sent me to a house about three or four miles away. The laneway to the house was narrow and lined by thick hedges and as I was walking, I became aware of a man within in the hedges who was watching me and walking the laneway with me. I was extremely frightened and ran the rest of the way. I think the woman of the house knew that something had frightened me when I arrived - she made me tea and sandwiches with my grandmother's bread and let me stay and play with her dogs until her eldest son got back so he could drive me back to my grandmother's house. Thanks, Mrs. Staunton!
    I still don't know who it was that was watching and following me or how long they had been doing so before I noticed

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    It Sounded Like A Pig's Squeal Right Next To Them

    [ranking: 7]
    From Redditor u/jimbob6886:
    My grandparents house is right outside of town - a neighborhood is on one side but on all the other sides everyone has an acre or two they're sitting on (including my grandparents). So, isolated-ish.
    A friend and I were smoking cigarettes in the large enclosed porch one night when no one was home, and in the complete silence we heard a really loud pig squeal like, right next to us. It sounded like it was in the enclosed area with us, it was so loud. Sure, people have horses and chickens around. I didn't think any neighbors owned pigs though. It also didn't quite sound like a pig, more like a man making a pig noise (I can't emphasize this enough, it was one of the weirdest sounds I've ever heard).
    The scariest thing was how displaced the sound was, I mean even if their next door neighbor had a pig, it would have been far enough away to be a lot quieter. We bolted inside and locked the door immediately.

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    They Caught A Stranger Taking Creepy Selfies In Their Home

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    From Redditor u/---annon---:
    My husband worked nights so I'd be alone on a huge acreage. One night I go into the kitchen to make tea and I look outside to see the moon and there is a face on the other side of the window. I scream and it wakes up my aging husky who starts to howl. Dude bolts. I call the cops and wait forever locked in my pantry.
    Next day my husband and I ride on horseback our whole property. We find a small make shift cabin on the northwest corner. We find stuff stolen from our laundry line and canned stuff from our kitchen. He had pinned up selfies in the cabin he had taken while in our bed and sitting at our daughter's child-sized dinner table.

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    The Scent Of Cologne Was Like Being Followed

    [ranking: 12]
    From Redditor u/kelce:
    I used to live in the middle of nowhere. We had one neighbor whose house we couldn't even see through the trees and hills. On the other side of us, up another hill there was a dirt road that basically went nowhere. At the beginning of the dirt road there was this old abandoned church which made it automatically creepy.
    Anyway, berries used to grow down this dirt road so we'd go pick them. On the way back one day we got an extremely strong scent of cologne. A quick scan didn't show anyone but every time the wind blew we got another whiff. Still don't know where the scent was coming from but it creeped me out big time. You don't think about how no one could hear you scream until you're forced to.

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    Random Barbed Wire In The Woods Caused Injuries

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    From Redditor u/pumpmar:
    As a kid we had free range of the woods behind my friend's house. It was out pretty much in the middle of nowhere and we could go out there for hours and never see another soul.
    One time one of the younger kids was ran straight into barbed wire and got his whole front cut up because he hadn't been wearing a shirt. It was really weird because this was just in the middle of the woods, so why was there barbed wire hung at the height a seven-year-old could run into?


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