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Random Creepiest Things Outdoor Enthusiasts Told They've Seen

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    Private airplane unwittingly flies through volcano eruption

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    "A friend of mine grew up in 1950s Alaska where his dad was a bush pilot. One day, they're out flying around since it??s a nice day and suddenly the entire sky goes completely red and there are no clouds. They had no radio so his dad continues flying for hours. They didn??t say a word but both father and son were  thinking that the Cold War had just ended in thermonuclear holocaust since Alaska was a target close to Russia and this was the height of the Cold War. Finally, they start to run out of fuel so they have to land. His dad eases the plane down, finds the landing strip and goes in for an emergency landing. They don't know what's going on.
    They make it down perfectly, no hiccups, bumps, or anything. The airport is in an uproar and a crew guy comes up to help them out. "What's going on?" his dad asked. The guy tells them,"You have no idea just how lucky you are. A volcano just went off, and you've been flying through the debris." So there was no thermonuclear warfare and they were stupidly lucky that the plane didn't stall out in the middle of nowhere Alaska with a volcano spewing nearby.??

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    Campers find mutilated coyotes

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    "When I was 16 years old, I had to do a wilderness program in the  high desert area before I went to rehab. One night when we were camping by this river, we heard a whole pack of wolves come through the campsite probably about 50 feet away from where we were sleeping. We didn??t have tents, only tarps that we set up as A-frames each night with surrounding trees. Thankfully, the wolves didn??t disturb us. The next day we were backpacking and found about a dozen coyotes mutilated, cut open and displayed on fences. It was pretty strange and frightening. I was ready to go back to civilization ASAP and start rehab."

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    Person housesitting hears a knock at the door

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    "In college, I spent one month house sitting a large hunting estate in the middle of nowhere in Idaho. The nearest town was 22 miles away. The house belonged to my girlfriend at the time??s dad who asked to fill in for the caretaker. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone knocking loud and hard on the front door and the dogs were going nuts. There was no way I was going to answer it. I just grabbed a gun and kept quiet upstairs. There were several neighbors that were a few miles away, so I thought someone just simply drove up the wrong driveway. Next morning at dawn, I open the front door to let the dogs out and see a white Chevy Nova sitting in the driveway. There was only one set of tire tracks coming in to the house. I called my girlfriend's dad and asked him if he knew anyone with that make/ model car and told him about what had happened the night before.
    He didn't know anyone and he called the police. They show up ask me a few questions and walk around the property for about an hour or so. The car was locked, so the police had it towed. A few days later, my girlfriend's dad called me up to say the guy who owned that car was missing and to call the police if anything weird happened again. I have no idea who the guy was at all. I found out later that the owner of the car was found dead by suicide 30 miles away. The suicide happened several months after that incident at the house, and he was found a couple of days after he had killed himself. I still wonder what would have happened if I had answered the door."

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    Unwanted visitor watches unsuspecting backpacker

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    "I was out in the Dark Canyon Wilderness of Utah after two weeks of driving and backpacking around the country alone. The plan was a seven-day trip and after a few days of setbacks I was on my last night. By this time I was already a little scared of the dark but that's just what happens when you are your only company for three weeks. Anyway, on the sixth day, about halfway through my hike, I ran out of water. I made camp and went upstream in search of water. After a little hiking I found a little spring with deliciously cold refreshing water. I drank some before realizing I didn't bring my water bottles so I hiked the half mile or so back to the camp to get them. On my trip back to fill my water bottles, I kept feeling really vulnerable and uncomfortable. Every little rustle in the bushes set me off. I could hear birds calling in the distance that set me off. I kept looking for something following me.
    I can only describe my emotion as pure terror. It got to the point where I picked up a branch for a weapon. I kept telling myself that it was just paranoia but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched. I finally got to the water and filled up my bottle, constantly looking over my shoulder. The feeling of unease was still with me when I headed back to my camp.There I came upon a fresh mountain lion print placed directly between my two footprints. It's one thing to think that your fears are unfounded paranoia, it's much worse to know they are true."

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    Glowing dolphins

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    "The creepiest thing I've ever seen out at sea in the middle of nowhere is bio-luminescent plankton, which makes the whole ocean glow bright blue-green. Any dolphins swimming by were lit up by the plankton, like they themselves were glowing. It did look cool, but weird, since at first I had no idea why the ocean was glowing, so it freaked me out a bit."

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    Campers hear a murder

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    "In high school, I was at a summer camp that separated the boys from the girls. We would normally sleep in separate cabins, however this being a nice night, our counselors decided to let us camp outside. We decided to make a bee line for the girl??s campsite, except when we got there, we were dumbfounded at what to do. We decided that throwing miscellaneous items into the fire, creating subsequent explosions would be a good ice breaker.
    Unfortunately, due to our brilliance, we were quickly brought back to our camp and separated from the girls again. Not being discouraged, we decided to try again. As we began to leave for the girl??s campsite again, we heard an extremely loud bang, as if from a high caliber rifle. The sound was followed by another bang, followed by silence. We all became paralyzed and unsure what to do. Was it from the girls' site? We were too afraid to find out. We could see a flashlight in the distance waving around the area. I remember lying quietly, barely able to sleep, joking with fellow campers who would get shot first if that bang was indeed from a gun.
    The next morning we woke up, alive and very confused as to what had happened. I actually only found out what had happened when I got home from camp. A man had shot his ex at a house right by our campsite. What I remember the most is that a neighbor said she didn't call the police right away, because she figured the sound was from some stupid kids blowing up things at the campsite."


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