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    Asian | cat


    Developed in United Kingdom;foundation stock from Asia, body: Moderate, Pattern: Evenly solid

  • random cat 2

    Brazilian Shorthair | cat

    Brazilian Shorthair

    Brazil, body: Normal, Pattern: All

  • random cat 3

    Javanese or Colorpoint Longhair | cat

    Javanese or Colorpoint Longhair

    Developed in United States and Canada;foundation stock from Southeast Asia, body: Oriental, Pattern: Colorpoint

  • random cat 4

    Norwegian Forest Cat | cat

    Norwegian Forest Cat

    Norway, body: Cobby, Pattern: All but colorpoint

  • random cat 5

    Oriental Longhair | cat

    Oriental Longhair

    Developed in United States and United Kingdom;foundation stock ultimately from Thailand, body: Oriental, Pattern: All; if colorpoint is considered to be a separate breed, it is called the Javanese

  • random cat 6

    Persian (modern) | cat

    Persian (modern)

    Developed in United States and Europe;foundation stock from Greater Iran, body: Cobby, Pattern: All but colorpoint

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About Random Cats Tool

Because of their unique personality, cats are loved by families all over the world and are one of the most common pets in families all over the globe; Cats usually lack a sense of security, are lonely by nature, and have a curiosity and strong jealousy.

There are more than 100 kinds of cats in the world. In 2022, CFA (Cat Fans' Association) recognized 42 kinds of cats. Our most common cats are Exotic Shorthair Cats, Ragdoll Cats, British Shorthair, etc. Except for some rare cats, we have collected almost all cats. This page displays six cat breeds by default. For each breed, you can see pictures, origin locations, body shapes, etc., which can help you understand cats more easily.

Click the 'New Random Cats' button to get six new cat breeds, and you can also specify the number to generate.

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