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  • Tattoo on Random Worst X-Men Members

    (#7) Tattoo

    • Elektra

    You know what's a real cool trick at parties, but not the greatest superpower a person can have? No, it's not burping the alphabet; it's the ability to completely alter the appearance of your skin to display any pattern or design you want! Imagine being able to have a tattoo and change it whenever you want to!

    Sure, it's a neat trick, but it doesn't go very far in the superhero category of impressive abilities. Granted, Tattoo can make her skin into a camouflage pattern to blend in with her surroundings, and she can phase her hand through solid objects, but that's about it. She joined up with the New Warriors after attending Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. While she wasn't technically a member of the X-Men, she was involved with them for some time and went to the school, which is good enough for this list. On her first outing with the New Warriors, she picked up some of Stilt Man's old legs and got herself killed.

  • Beak on Random Worst X-Men Members

    (#3) Beak

    There are tons of superheroes who can fly, and many who resemble birds, but there's only one guy who resembles birds, but can't fly. Unfortunately for Beak, he's a rather unattractive bird-person who can barely take flight at all to the point of it hardly being worth mentioning.

    Functionally, he's a sad character who ends up in the remedial class, but he eventually gets the chance to spread his rather puny wings to take the role of hero, though he's little more than an example of how a bad mutation can really make things... bad.

  • Adam X the X-Treme on Random Worst X-Men Members

    (#13) Adam X the X-Treme

    Adam X, otherwise known as X-Treme is a Shi'ar Mutant Hybrid who has a somewhat useful ability to ignite the blood of his enemies. Granted, to do this he has to expose their blood to the air, which explains all the ridiculous bladed accouterment found all over his costume.

    As his name implies, he was pretty much an extreme everything. His personality, uber '90s getup, and everything else about him screamed extreme, which pretty much made him into one of Marvel's cheesiest characters people easily forgot.

  • Jubilee on Random Worst X-Men Members

    (#15) Jubilee

    • X-Men, Generation X, X-Men: The Last Stand, X2, X-Men, Marvel Universe

    Jubilee is one of those characters many fans remember fondly from X-Men: The Animated Series since she took center stage in a lot of the show's storylines, but when you get right down to it, she's not the greatest character on the planet.

    Not only does she have some seriously misunderstood speech patterns thanks to the writer's inability to understand the nation's youth at the time she was created, but her superpower also isn't much to write home about. She can project pretty sparkles of colored energy, which do little more than temporarily blind her adversaries... or entertain them given how pretty the lights can be.

  • Callisto on Random Worst X-Men Members

    (#17) Callisto

    • X-Men: The Last Stand, Marvel Universe

    Callisto was the leader of the Morlocks, the Mutant outcasts who lived in the sewers of New York City. Most of the Morlocks had only physical mutations rendering them too unsightly to appear aboveground, which is why Callisto took them into her care.

    Callisto has a strange assortment of superpowers including enhanced senses, tentacle arms - but only sometimes - and she has super strength and agility. She's a strange character with an even stranger history throughout the comics, but she's never been a great teammate, having once been a member of the Genoshan Excalibur group.

  • Bailey Hoskins on Random Worst X-Men Members

    (#2) Bailey Hoskins

    Bailey Hoskins, or sometimes, X-Ceptional, has been a member of just about every Mutant team the Marvel Universe has to offer. He's been on X-Factor, the New Mutants, X-Force, and Beta Flight, but despite being on so many teams, he's considered to be the "Worst. X-Man. Ever."

    To be fair, that's the title he got when he sat at the "Worst X-Men ever table" at a banquet, but that's beside the point. Bailey has the unfortunate superpower of being able to detonate himself. Once. That's right, he's a human bomb who can only blow himself up once, and that's it. This has relegated him to being little more than a human working alongside Mutants whenever he's around his teammates.

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