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  • The Chef on Random Worst Types of Roommates

    (#25) The Chef

    If you're lucky, this Food Network obsessed gourmand isn't half bad and is maybe willing to share some chocolate lava cake they just whipped up on a whim. The more likely scenario? Well, it's probably a good idea to invest in both a dishwasher and a fire extinguisher, just in case. 
  • The Thief on Random Worst Types of Roommates

    (#1) The Thief

    They don't know where it is and they don't know how it got in their room, but they definitely had nothing to do with hiding it in their secret drawer with the other stuff you thought went missing. But don't feel special, their sticky fingers have a big reach no matter where they go. Well, at least you both get a nice TV out of it.
  • The Loud Lovemaker on Random Worst Types of Roommates

    (#12) The Loud Lovemaker

    Honestly, you're happy that your roommate and their new "friend" are having a nice time, but do they have to have a nice time in DOLBY SURROUND SOUND? The walls aren't even paper thin, but you have such a good picture about their activities that you're practically having a threesome.  
  • The Slob on Random Worst Types of Roommates

    (#2) The Slob

    If you haven't been able to see your bathroom sink for over a week and you live in daily fear of opening tupperware in your fridge that you didn't pack yourself, chances are you're living with a slob. Why pick up after themselves when they've got you around?
  • The I.O.U. on Random Worst Types of Roommates

    (#4) The I.O.U.

    They'll get you the rent in a week or so, just spot them this time, and they'll even give you double that, honest! OK, maybe not in a couple weeks... also, can you buy the toilet paper again? They would have picked some up but they needed new headphones. What? It's for work. Get you next time, bro!
  • The My Stereo Goes to 11! on Random Worst Types of Roommates

    (#5) The My Stereo Goes to 11!

    If your roommate trips and falls in their room and nobody is home, do they make a sound? Nobody knows, because your roommate has been blasting the same wubwub dub step track so unfathomably loud that the entire apartment complex would probably ignore it even if they did. 

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About This Tool

Due to study or limited budget, many people have to share the same space with others. How to be a good roommate is a compulsory course in their life. However, some of the worst and most disgusting roommates may break the peaceful and harmonious life. The perfect roommate is hard to find, even if your roommate is your good friend, you will definitely encounter some problems.

It get lucky to have a nice, tidy roommate, some people have to deal with the absolute worst ones. The random tool lists 25 of the worst types of roommates you never want to meet.

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