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Random Weirdest Royal Jobs That Actually Exist

  • Keeper of the Queen's Stamps on Random Weirdest Royal Jobs That Actually Exist

    (#5) Keeper of the Queen's Stamps

    The Royal Philatelic Collection, AKA the Queen’s stamps, has been kept under the watchful eyes of Michael Sefi since 2003. While this job might sound so dull that it can't be real, Sefi travels internationally to acquire new stamps and arrange stamp exhibitions to display the Queen’s impressive collection.

    Though the Queen inherited much of the collection from her grandfather, George V, and apparently doesn't give a f*ck about stamps, she does appreciate the need to preserve the collection. Sefi has been an avid stamp collector since his youth and headed up several philatelic societies before landing the job.

  • The Astronomer Royal on Random Weirdest Royal Jobs That Actually Exist

    (#8) The Astronomer Royal

    Back in 1675, King Charles II appointed the first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed, to map out “the motions of the heavens.” Sure, piece of cake. Today, with iPhone apps that can label the constellations, one might think the position of Astronomer Royal would fall by the wayside. Yet the prestigious role still exists and is currently held by Martin Rees.

    Though largely a ceremonial figure, he is responsible for advising the sovereign on all astronomical matters as needed.

  • The Queen's Bargemaster on Random Weirdest Royal Jobs That Actually Exist

    (#10) The Queen's Bargemaster

    Like so many other royal jobs, the Queen's Bargemaster is now mainly ceremonial in function. In the 18th century, the sovereign regularly traveled on the River Thames. Forty-eight Royal Watermen would row the Royal Barges up and down the river, and the Queen's Bargemaster was in charge of them all.

    Now there are no state barges, yet still there are 24 Royal Watermen and a Bargemaster. Currently, the royal family uses the Royal Nore, the official motor launch, to travel on the river, and they have 25 men available to escort them, ever so ceremoniously, on board.

  • Master of the Queen's Music on Random Weirdest Royal Jobs That Actually Exist

    (#14) Master of the Queen's Music

    DJ Judith Weir in the house! Or palace, as it may be. Judith Weir is the current Master of the Queen’s Music, a role which entails composing music for any important royal events that may occur. She is also the sovereign's advisor in all things musical, so if the Queen happens to need a new Spotify playlist, she's covered. Weir is the first woman to nab the job, and the first to hold it for a ten-year term rather than a lifetime appointment.

    Masters of the Queen's Music are typically already renowned within the classical music world, so if you're not a musical prodigy, you need not apply.

  • The Royal Horological Conservator on Random Weirdest Royal Jobs That Actually Exist

    (#4) The Royal Horological Conservator

    One thing the British Monarchy truly excels at is creating fancy, bullsh*t titles for mundane jobs. The Royal Horological Conservator is actually the Royal Clock Winder. If you haven’t noticed by now, the Queen isn’t generally one to favor modernity over tradition. So rather than using a digital clock, she hires someone to maintain and set over 1,000 clocks in Buckingham Palace and the other royal residences.

    That constant tick-tocking plus the morning bagpipe performance is starting to make the palace sound like a downright noisy place to live.

  • Yeomen Warder on Random Weirdest Royal Jobs That Actually Exist

    (#15) Yeomen Warder

    The Yeomen Warders act as the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London. In other words, they’re glorified tour guides. Often called “Beefeaters,” their position in the Royal Bodyguard once allowed them to eat all the beef their hearts desired from the king’s table. In the grand scheme of nicknames, that’s a pretty bad one.

    If you visit London, you can catch the Yeomen Warders outside the Tower of London taking pictures with tourists and telling creepy execution stories.

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