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Random Weird Rules Retail Workers Have To Follow

  • (#4) Hide Your Phone… Every Inch Of It

    From Redditor /u/lemunplej:

    Not allowed to have our phones even be visible on the sales floor, meaning if my phone is even poking a little bit out of my pocket, I'm gonna hear about it.

    I don't care though and I don't want to leave it in a locker for my entire shift in case something important comes up (or I need to ID a song on the speakers).

  • (#1) Don't Lick The Reptiles

    From Redditor /u/SyNiiCaL:

    I work in a large pet store. When going through Step 2 training, [in] our reptile booklet it states, "Do not lick the reptiles."

  • (#6) No Water Allowed During A Shift

    From Redditor /u/TheSgnarf:

    We aren't allowed to drink water, we are cashiers at a grocery store and even on the summer's hottest days we are expected to go three – four hours without anything to drink. Now I'm a rebel, so I do it anyway because it's necessary for survival n' sh*t and most of my supervisors won't give me flak. But it's still there, and certain people will make a big deal of it.

  • (#15) Remove Your Vest And Name Tag Before Having Sex In The Parking Lot

    From Redditor /u/IAmTheToastGod:

    "For God's sake, if you must have sex in the parking lot, please take off your vest and name tag first." –Manager

  • (#10) No Blue Jeans

    From Redditor /u/yuckierbigfoot:

    I work at a bookstore. We have no dress code other than, "No blue jeans." I never really questioned it, I mean I assumed it was because jeans could seem too casual? Until one day my coworker told me the reason for the rule was because there was a guy who used to work there a few years back who wore the same blue jeans every single day to work, and he never washed them. My boss would tell him over and over again to wash his damn pants as they were becoming dirty and smelly. Realizing he couldn't physically force the guy to wash them, my boss just created the rule that NO ONE was allowed to wear blue jeans ever again.

  • (#7) Get Punched, Get Fired

    From a Redditor:

    I work at a kinda small grocery store chain that's only found in a few states, and apparently company policy is that if you get punched or attacked, you're fired no matter what the situation was, even if it was entirely unprovoked... So if I get clocked by a drunk (I work nights, the store in question is downtown, pretty much equidistant from a lot of the big townie bars), then I guess that's it. I'd be okay with getting punched most days.

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About This Tool

Many people think jobs in retail are easy and enjoy many employee benefits, but anyone who has ever worked in the retail industry will tell you that there are many difficult and even cruel things behind the jobs that people don’t know. Except for work pressure, retail employees are often bound by some strange rules that you can never understand, especially during the pandemic.

Compromise with strict rules can sometimes be frustrating, but helpless. However, while most workplace rules are launched for good reasons, some rules are confusing. The random tool lists 15 weird rules that retail workers have to follow at work.

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