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  • The First Ever Shuttle Orbiter Was Named The Enterprise (Also Street Names) on Random Ways Star Trek Changed World

    (#5) The First Ever Shuttle Orbiter Was Named The Enterprise (Also Street Names)

    In addition to consciously trying to replicate the technology, we now live in a world where people with serious power in the world are also Star Trek fans. President Obama has admitted to being a Trekkie, and so has Megan Fox.

    The result of this is that the first ever shuttle orbiter built for NASA was named "The Enterprise," after Kirk's ship. So were two "Star Trek Lanes," one in Birmingham, Alabama, and one in Garland, Texas. In Las Vegas, there's "Roddenberry Avenue," located in the unincorporated township of "Enterprise."

    According to Wikipedia, a small city called Turlock, California has built their streets so that you can drive up Picard Lane, and take a turn onto Warp Drive. We can't help but imagine that every member of the town council, as well as the construction workers on the project, spent the entire time giggling like morons.
  • (#6) Slash Fiction

    In case you don't know, "Slash" Fiction is fan-fiction written in order to create situations where homosexual relationships between traditionally non-homosexual characters happen.

    If you're not familiar with Slash Fiction, you probably don't realize how much of it involves Kirk and Spock giving each other the "Vulcan Salute" (and if you are familiar with this subculture, you know that it's roughly 150%). Slash Fiction was literally invented by Star Trek fans. The "Slash" actually stands for the backslash mark often used to label the stories, i.e., Kirk/Spock, Starsky/Hutch, Walter/Jesse, etc. It became so popular, that it became a whole sub-culture and now you have Slash Fiction about everything from Star Trek to the short lived '90s TV series Due South.

    Some people aren't on board with this sort of thing because a lot of it involves fetishizing homosexuality for one's own gratification, which is its own form of homophobia. But in Star Trek's case, the sheer number of examples of in-universe sexual tension allow for an exception. If you don't want to watch the web series devoted to Kirk/Spock, then just watch the famous "backrub" scene.
  • It Basically Invented the Mobile Phone (and Quicktime) on Random Ways Star Trek Changed World

    (#2) It Basically Invented the Mobile Phone (and Quicktime)

    Science fiction makes predictions about the future all the time, but it's more rare for the future to consciously look at science fiction and say "let's do that." But with Star Trek, that's exactly what happened. Twice.

    A lot of people know that the flip-phone was actually invented by Star Trek, but if you're not among them then… hey, the flip phone was invented by Star Trek! Dr. Martin Cooper, inventor of the mobile phone, says that watching Captain Kirk yammer away on his communicator gave him the idea for a mobile phone, and later generations of "flip phones" imitated the iconic design.

    Also, the groundbreaking media program "Quicktime" was invented when Steve Perlman, a scientist at Apple, was watching an episode of Star Trek Generations in which a character listens to multiple tracks of music at once.

    Star Trek also invented the idea of a computer that was user-friendly, so it should come as no surprise that the first ever personal computer, the Altair 880, was named after a solar system from the Star Trek universe.
  • All Their Predictions Are Coming True on Random Ways Star Trek Changed World

    (#7) All Their Predictions Are Coming True

    The medical Tricorder? Someone finally invented that. Light based storage? coming soon. Universal Translators? possible. Vulcan? It's a real planet, in exactly the system Roddenberry said it would be.
  • Star Trek Generations Was the First Film to Have a Website on Random Ways Star Trek Changed World

    (#3) Star Trek Generations Was the First Film to Have a Website

    This one seems like a no-brainer in hindsight, but it was actually a major step forward in marketing - not just for film, but for everything. We now live in a world where water bottle focused subsidiaries of the Coca Cola Company have their own websites and this phenomenon is more than a little due to Star Trek, because at some point a bunch of marketing people said "hey, Star Trek fans are nerds, nerds spend a lot of time on their computers exploring this internet thing, let's make an internet poster for Star Trek."
  • It Invented Nerd Rage on Random Ways Star Trek Changed World

    (#4) It Invented Nerd Rage

    Star Trek pre-dates Dungeons and Dragons. It predates video games. It predates superhero comic readers as a niche group. Star Trek nerds were the first major nerd subculture, meaning that every contemporary nerd subculture is taking its cues from the Trekkies. An iconic moment in this history has got to be when Leonard Nimoy received death threats after his character, Spock, died in The Wrath of Khan.

    As we all know, this "if an artist I like does something I don't like I can become angry" philosophy is now the trend, most recently exemplified by people attacking BioWare for writing the "wrong" ending for their Mass Effect franchise.

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