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Random Walmart Employees Share Their Horror Stories

  • (#17) A Middle-Aged Man Wandered The Store Dressed As A Baby

    From Redditor/ u/a-tribe-called-mex:

    I worked at a Phoenix area Walmart in the late 2000s. We used to have a customer come in dressed head to toe in a baby outfit complete with a bonnet, a pacifier and adult diapers. It was a middle aged white guy. The first time i ever saw him i freaked out but everyone else what like “oh that's baby guy”. Apparantly he was a normal guy with a wife and a baby and one day he just snapped and decided to live the rest of his life as a baby. He would pay people to come to his house and change him and feed him in a high chair etc. he was a minor celebrity in the area before he passed away.

  • (#10) One Man Painted Over His Bald Spot With Mascara In The Store

    From Redditor / u/Blushberry4:

    When I worked in cosmetics, there was a regular who always bought a lot of mascara. This was a just-past-middle-aged gentleman. He was using it to paint over his bald "spot" (which was 3/4 of his head in actuality). He didn't even always leave to do so; he would occasionally make use of the display mirrors.

  • (#19) A Woman Claiming To Be Blind Drove Over Displays In An Electric Cart

    From Redditor/ u/Give_Me_A_Sign:

    I worked in grocery as a stocker. We had just finished a cereal display near the front of the store compiled of about 100 boxes. In comes an older lady, around 60s, driving one of the electric carts. She's looking dead on at the display and promptly rams into the thing. Boxes go everywhere and she starts apologizing over and over and explains that she's legally blind. A customer that was nearby and saw everything asked her how she drove here if she was blind.. She responded by quickly turning around and leaving the store.

  • (#8) A Man Tried To Return An Item He Ate

    From Redditor/ u/Pancakesthebunny:

    Walmart has a hot food bar, and one particularly busy night we get a man who comes to customer service with a large bag from the hot bar. He demands a full refund. I ask him what the problem is and he starts yelling that our chicken is the worst thing he's ever tasted and he can't believe we would sell something so dry and inedible. He claimed we are a rip off and we should have our food license revoked. I calmly apologize for his experience and say I would gladly issue the refund. He hands me the large bag and it's completely empty.

    Me: "Sir, where is the chicken?"

    Him: "Well, I ate it all."

    Me: "I thought it was inedible?"

    Him: Dead silence.

    Face palm. So he's telling me he wants a refund on the inedible chicken that he ate? I denied his refund and sent him on his way.

  • (#12) One Man Tried To Return A Shovel Purchased 30 Years Ago

    From Redditor/ u/13thestrals:

    The most incredulous moment was a gentleman who stepped up to return a shovel. He admitted that it was purchased "over 30 years ago" and claimed it had a lifetime warranty. No receipt, of course. When we refused the return, he started yelling about how Sam Walton would be rolling in his grave over how the store was ran.

  • (#11) One Of The Older Greeters Scolded A Man Entering The Store With A Shotgun

    From Redditor / u/MysteriousPlatypus:

    Pissed off customer comes back with a shotgun. Little old lady that was our greeter scolded him like a small child and made him give her the gun.

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