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  • (#18) A Kid Poops His Pants And The Bodily Waste Gets Everywhere

    From Redditor /u/melocatones:

    I've been a lifeguard at an Ohio water park for the last three summers. Pretty steady, solid job - by the time this happened, we were all well into the flow of the season.

    It was near the end of the operating day, about 6 pm, and I was working a slide in this complex designed for kids. There was water gushing everywhere in the thing, and about 15 slides scattered throughout it for kids to go on. I was working the top slide.

    Being near the end of the day, most of the park had emptied out, and it reached the point where you have the same five kids running throughout the structure, going down the same slides over and over.

    I'm at the top slide, in the back of the structure. This kid keeps coming up, something like six or seven years old, and going down the slide. Then, one time he comes up and approaches me slowly. He stops about five feet away, and starts grabbing at his [rear end] from the outside of his swim trunks. He looks at me in deep concentration, then this motherf*cker sh*ts his f*cking pants like he's never sh*t before.

    It was horrible. Explosive diarrhea. It just kept coming. When it was finally done, he looks at me, horrified, and I just say, "Go down the stairs."

    He turns and runs, and I try to signal my leads that someone sh*t their pants. By now, the water that's pretty much gushing everywhere in this structure is starting to carry the matter off the edges of the platform, onto platforms and slides below. It's a brown waterfall.

    We end up having to close the structure for like 30 minutes, shut off the water, have park services clean it up, etc. Just a big fiasco. Never got paid enough at that job.


  • (#13) A Kid Passes Out On A Ride

    From Redditor /u/TubbytheIDD:

    Worked at King's Island on a ride called Diamondback. One day the train came back and this kid (about 10 or 12 years old) was completely unconscious. He was slumped over in his seat being held up by his mother. (For those of you who don't know, the seats on Diamondback are lap bars, so this kid was literally like folded in half, slumped over. Also, the ride is smooth as silk, so he didn't hit his head or anything.)

    Anyway, we immediately call 911 (inside the park, any park telephones route to the park's first aid station when you call 911) meanwhile all we can legally do as teens who weren't medically trained was offer a subpar first-aid kit (two gauze pads, a box of band aids, and some other misc items), and water.

    I had to stand there completely helpless watching his parents try to wake him up. They said he passed out while going up the first hill (230 feet) and they had to hold him up to keep from flopping around throughout the entire ride. When the first-aid cart got there, they lifted him off the seat and onto a stretcher and wheeled him off the ride, and he regained consciousness near the entrance of the ride.

    My area supervisor asked us all if we were okay to keep working and said if we needed to, we can all go home. It was terrifying. I thought the kid was dead and the moment I saw him slumped in his seat, [and it] is still etched in my mind. That memory isn't the worst part, though.

    Standing there, legally unable to do anything even if I knew how, while the mother was crying, just trying to get a response while the father tried to keep it together for the boy's sister, is the most haunting memory I have and I think it will be for a while.

  • (#6) One Passenger Gets Beheaded

    From Redditor /u/M1n10nD4v3:

    Guy lost his hat on a suspended roller coaster and decided to climb the fence to get it back afterwards. Quite literally had his head kicked off by a lady on the ride as it went by, which also shattered her leg.

  • (#8) A Worker Lets Too Many People On Slide, So People Die

    From Redditor /u/cheesewedge12:

    Worked at a water park in high school. They had one of those slides where you get dumped out into a big funnel and rock up one side, then back down and up the other until you get funneled out. Well one of the workers wasn't doing his job right, and let several heavy people into one group tube and went way over the weight limit.

    They went up one side, kept going, and fell 40 feet to the bottom of the funnel. I heard one of them died. They shut down the ride for a while after that.

  • (#2) A Camp Counselor Accidentally Takes Kids To Dolphin Orgy

    From Redditor /u/zach2992:

    At SeaWorld, she was a camp counselor over a summer. Her kids one week were second and third graders, and she was taking them to... the dolphin area to watch them. Just so happens that at that time there was a dolphin orgy. Just 30 dolphins in one big ball, going at it.

    They went up to go feed them and since they were all so busy, only one fat dolphin came up to eat while occasionally you would see some tails come up and splash.

  • (#1) A Lifeguard Poops Her Pants After Seeing A Drowned Mannequin

    From Redditor /u/puppy2010:

    A girl I used to know worked at Wet and Wild Sydney for a season when she was in uni. One night, she was working on the lazy river ride (the kind of one where you sit on an inflatable tube and just bob along) when she noticed some legs coming out of the tube, with the rest of the body trapped in the water under the tube.

    She sh*t herself when she saw it and ran over to help the trapped person, only to realize it was a mannequin that had obviously been placed there as a prank.

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