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  • Orpheum Theatre on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#7) Orpheum Theatre

    • Memphis, Tennessee, USA

    Built in 1890 (and then rebuilt after a fire 30 years later) this classic Memphis theater is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a girl named Mary who was killed in a car accident in front of the theater. Not only have patrons heard Mary giggling and running up and down the aisles, but some of them have even seen her sitting in her favorite seat C-5 during a performance.

    In 1977, the traveling cast of Fiddler on the Roof got so freaked out by the little ghost girl that they conducted a séanace to try and contact her. A few years later a parapsychology class visited the theater and deduced that there were at least six more ghosts running around the theater with Mary. So she's got some company, at any rate.  

  • The Granbury Opera House on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#1) The Granbury Opera House

    The ghosts at night are big and bright (clap clap clap clap) deep in the heart of Texas. If you're taking Highway 377 through the Lone Star state you'll find yourself in Grandbury, Texas, home of the famous Grandbury Opera House. The theater may have been staffed by one John Wilkes Booth while he was on the run for the minor crime of killing the President of the United States of America.

    The story goes that after Booth had his leg fixed up while on the run he made his way to Grandbury, where he changed his name to John St. Helens (a fantastic fake name if ever there were one). According to local legend St. Helens spent a lot of time at the Opera House, and on his death bed he admitted to being the one and only John Wilkes Booth.

    People say that they've run into a black clad thespian in the Opera House and that he can recite Shakespeare at the drop of a hat - even when there's nothing going on at the Opera House. Is the ghost of St. Helens/John Wilkes Booth? If you're ever in Grandbury and run into this spooky fellow make sure to ask him how he feels about tyrants and/or ostentatious fake names. 

  • The Hollywood Pacific Theater on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#4) The Hollywood Pacific Theater

    It goes without saying that Hollywood is one of the most haunted cities in America. Even the citizens who are still living tend to have a ghostly quality about them, so for something to be haunted in the City of Angels it needs to be pretty f*cking spooky.

    The main manifestation that haunts the Pacific Theater is that of Sam Warner, one of the O.G. Warner Brothers who not only help construct the theater, but who also helped make Los Angeles the town it is today. Multiple guards who work at the Pacific have reported seeing Mr. Warner taking the elevator up to his office, and they say that during quiet hours of the night he can be heard shuffling his furniture around. That has to be super annoying for whoever works in that office now. 

  • Mabel Tainter Center For The Arts on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#11) Mabel Tainter Center For The Arts

    This lovely theater in Wisconsin plays host to a bevy of apparitions, but the main ghost seems to be that of Mabel herself, a young woman who passed away before she could see the final construction of the building. Multiple people have seen a young woman making her way through the halls, and a few women have even mentioned that they've seen something floating near the women's restroom.

    Aside from the female ghost there seems to be an apparition that was either once a stage hand at the theater (or possibly someone that just loves to mess with stage hands), that tries to play with the sound equipment when no one is paying attention. 

  • The Roseland Theater on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#6) The Roseland Theater

    This Portland, Oregon based theater was originally an Apostolic Faith Church that was constructed in 1922, and later turned into a night club called "Starry Night" in the '80s. In 1988, the club's owner murdered their publicity agent, Timothy Moreau, to keep him from dropping dime on a counterfeit ticket scam at the club after a John Lee Hooker concert.

    Moreau's body was never found, but many employees at the venue and people who have been living in Portland for longer than IFC has been advertising the dream of the '90s say that his ghost haunts the venue in search of his decaying bones. 

  • Mount Baker Theatre on Random Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America

    (#12) Mount Baker Theatre

    • Bellingham, Washington, USA

    Bellingham, Washington isn't just home to indie rock sad boys Death Cab For Cutie, it also houses Judy, Alice, and Geoffrey, three ghosts that live in the Mount Baker Theater. Both Alice and Geoffrey have supposedly introduced themselves to people who work at Mount Baker, and according to a tour guide at the theater Geoffrey is very concerned with personal property. "[Geoffrey] was dressed in a pinstripe suit and told an investigator to be sure to return a paperback book about the history of the theater that she had found on the shelf in the boss room." Thanks, Geoffrey. 

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