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Random Telemarketers Describe Biggest Freakouts They've Experienced On Job

  • (#4) Just Doing Our Job

    From Redditor /u/newm1070:

    I worked at my [university's] phone center for three years calling alum and parents, asking for donations. I loved it and rocked at it. I raised 50k last year for my school.

    Honestly the rejection doesn't even [faze] me - you are on the phone, you are most likely never going to see them ever in your life, so f*ck 'em, you don't need them. It also creates great small-talk skills and made me a lot more confident because I do not have a fear of rejection anymore. I can go up to guys at bars, hit on 'em, and not worry about being shot down. I now work at a publishing company calling teachers and same thing, but the teachers are a lot nicer. I do have some horror stories, though, from my university phone center.

    I have been called a f*ggot multiple times on the phone when making small talk. You know, you talk about what they were involved in and what you are, I would say I was involved in the school's GSA [Gay-Straight Alliance] club and apparently that did not sit well with some donors.

    To be fair, it is a Catholic school, so I should not have been too surprised. It gave me a tough skin, though, and I really did enjoy it. Some of the girls I worked with though would leave crying... some people are really jerks. Lesson of the story, don't forget that you are actually talking to a person on the other side of the phone, and treat them like you would treat someone face to face. We are just doing our job and making calls.

  • (#6) 'I Don't Vote'

    From Redditor /u/CMonte420:

    I'd have to say the most memorable call I ever had was a guy in Arkansas. No matter how many times I told him I was calling about insurance, he kept saying, "I don't vote." He must have been in his late 60s or early 70s.

    No matter how clear or succinct I was with why I was calling, he insisted my call was related to politics. He proceeded to bash Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for about 30 minutes. He was extremely racist, and although offensive, it was very entertaining to hear. Dude was super passionate.

    After he ranted for what seemed like an hour, I asked him, "If you're so passionate about the president and politics why don't you vote?"

    His response was priceless. He sat for about 10 seconds in silence and responded, "Bars and liquor stores are closed on Election Day, and I wouldn't vote for any of these dirty f*ckers without being drunk as f*ck."

    Touché, sir. Well said.

  • (#2) Going Nuclear

    From Redditor /u/Relacuna:

    I, too, worked at a health insurance company, doing customer service for payments, plan changes, the fun stuff.

    This woman calls in, we ask for member ID, name, date of birth, and zip code. She yells at me right away that she didn't have her ID because she never got her "f*cking ID cards." Okay, so I go to name and date of birth, [and] she doesn't pull up in our system.

    I try everything I can think of, spelling the name differently, transposing numbers in her DOB to see if they were entered wrong, the whole thing.

    Since we only offer insurance in a small portion of the country, I ask for her state and zip code.

    She then SCREAMS in the phone to the point that the call is distorted, and I can't understand what she's trying to string together. I hear "f*ck," "g*ddamn," and "c*nt" clearly, and screaming sobs. This b*tch was going NUCLEAR.

    I again try the second search of asking for state and zip code. Which... makes her lose her sh*t even more. She manages to stop scream-crying, and just YELLS at me that she hopes my mother r*pes me like we're r*ping her and hangs up.

    My supervisor was live monitoring that call, and was able to go in and get her phone number. She was calling from a state we don't even offer insurance in, she called the wrong company.

  • (#7) The Not-So-Early Riser

    From Redditor /u/OhBother:

    Well, I made calls for a environmental organization in Berkeley, CA, so as you can imagine, we had our fair share of nuts.

    Once a guy said, "You just woke me up, I haven't had a cigarette yet, and I need to poop, how do you think I'm doing?"

  • (#17) 'Bloody Foreigner'

    From Redditor u/superhajime:

    I once was called a "bloody foreigner" by a Scottish woman.

    I'm English.

  • (#19) Getting Emotional

    From Redditor /u/wargassm13:

    I lost it in an emotional way when I phoned up... to talk to a Mr. Smith and an elderly lady answered. I asked, "Can I speak to Mr. Smith please?"

    She replied with, "No, my dear, but I wish you could, my husband died last week. We were married 55 years."

    Oh, dear God, I choked up!

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