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  • (#11) A Genuinely Creepy Kid

    From Redditor /u/milkinmycereal:

    Several years ago, I taught 7th grade at school right outside of a major city. I had a student that year who I'll call Joe for the sake of this story. The kid was genuinely creepy! He spoke in a robot voice most of the time and was obsessed with teeth. He always told people he wanted to touch their teeth because they were so shiny. He was especially obsessed with my friend and co-worker who was young and very pretty. He wrote her two poems entitled "Backside Big and Round" and " Let Me Put my Poems inside you." Eventually he drew pictures of himself stabbing her.

    In my class, he threw pencils at me and would randomly get up and roll around on the floor. He would also talk to himself and do anything to get under my skin. Besides behavioral things though, the kid was really strange and gave everyone the creeps. He would stare at my friend and me and imitate everything we did, but strangely, he would leave the other adults alone. Though they too thought he was creepy. In any case, when he was 12 years old, my friend and I used to talk about how we thought he would be a serial killer or a serial rapist one day. It was just a feeling we had. We joked about it, but deep down, we both believed it.

    Fast forward, six years, the kid was arrested for public exposure (masturbating in public) in the store where he worked. He's only 18! And all I could think was, I TOLD YOU SO! They showed a picture of him. He still has that creepy smile (shivers).

  • (#6) Mom Gave Him Adult Entertainment Featuring Bondage

    From Redditor /u/Lincotam:

    I hate to admit it, but I will check arrest records annually for one of my former students. He hasn't committed a crime that I know of, but I am fairly certain he will.

    When he was in middle school, he was caught with [illicit material depicting bondage]; when the school called his mom, she said "I know, I gave it to him. How else is he supposed to learn about sex?" When he was in my class, he would pull down his pants, sit at his desk bare-bottomed, and make lewd motions directed at the girls in class. I would send him to the office, but they would send him back when he told them his pants were too big and he needed a belt. His mom won a lawsuit against the district for discrimination at some point in the past, and they were terrified of her. I like to believe the best in people, but that kid just wasn't right.

  • (#19) He Got Someone's Nose, Literally

    From Redditor /u/JamesonRH:

    One of my former students made national headlines for biting his newborn baby's nose off. He was a little "off" in school, got into trouble a lot. I spoke to him about 6 months before it happened, and he seemed to have turned things around in a positive way.

  • (#10) Had Been Expelled From School For Fighting

    From Redditor /u/economicwang:

    I taught behaviorally and emotionally disturbed kids about ten years back. Most of my kids were pretty terrible students but one in particular had a SEVERE case of oppositional defiance disorder. During the year I was teaching him he got in a fight in the hallway and was expelled as this wasn't his first. He went on to murder two people in a drug deal gone bad several months later. My primary thoughts were:

    Absolutely no surprise there. Thank goodness he will be off the streets for a few years. Glad it wasn't an innocent civilian.

  • (#8) Arrested For A Gang-Related Triple Homicide

    From Redditor /u/fuzzy_britches:

    I used to teach 8th grade special education in an inner city school. One of my brightest students (I'll call him Shawn) came from a rough home. No father at home, mom was a drug addict. he lived with an aunt who worked hard to keep him on the right track and I threw my lot in with her to try to help this kid in every way because I thought he had a shot at making it out. In addition to be smart he was tall, gregarious, and handsome.

    One day, he brought a large wrench to school and was turned in by another student (apparently they use them to break bicycle locks & steal them). He asked me to back him up and say it wasn't him, but I'd seen the principal take it from him when they called him into the office asked him to empty his pockets. I vouched for what a good kid he was, but he still got suspended for 5 days (how dumb is it to suspend students who don't want to be in school in the first place and come from troubled neighborhood, school for many of them is their haven). I argued against it but it was district policy. Shawn decided to blame me for his suspension.

    Two days later, the tires on my car were slashed in the school parking lot. The afternoon after that I was standing outside for bus duty and Shawn drives by the school parking lot in a known gang car, sitting in the front passenger seat. He leans out and mimics firing an automatic weapon at me as the car rolls by. Several other teachers and students see this happening and dove for cover, I stupidly stood there watching him in disbelief. I was placed under police protection for the rest of the school year (no more outside bus duty!). A few years later I read in the paper he'd been arrested for a triple gang murder. Still makes me sad to this day, to think about what he could have become.

  • (#9) Said He Was Destined To Be A Criminal

    From Redditor /u/suhayma:

    One of my former students just murdered someone a couple weeks ago. I remember sitting with him, and him telling me that he isn't ever going to be anything because every male figure in his life was already in jail. He was in middle school and already made up his mind that he was destined to be a criminal.

    The day I found out that he killed someone, I kept replaying the conversation in my head. This child threw his whole life away because no one ever believed or told him that he could be something other than his family's past.

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