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  • Looney Tunes - 'Feed The Kitty' on Random Surprisingly Depressing Episodes Of Children’s Cartoons

    (#8) Looney Tunes - 'Feed The Kitty'

    In the Looney Tunes episode "Feed the Kitty," a large bulldog named Marc Anthony cares for a little kitten he loves like his own child. Eventually, Marc Anthony falls under the impression that his beloved kitten has been slain, baked into a cat-shaped cookie. When he learns this, he begins to sob uncontrollably, even taking the cookie and placing it on his back in the same way he did when his feline friend was alive.

    The kitten is eventually revealed to be alive, however, and the episode ends on a high note.

  • Princess Cookie on Random Surprisingly Depressing Episodes Of Children’s Cartoons

    (#10) Princess Cookie

    • Jun 25 2012

    The Adventure Time episode "Princess Cookie" begins with a hostage situation enacted by a chocolate chip cookie named Baby-Snaps. He demands Bubblegum's crown to end the tense situation, leading Jake and Finn to sneak into the building. Finn handles Baby-Snap's group of cookie conspirators while Jake attempts a hostage negotiation.

    Eventually, Baby-Snaps is revealed to have grown up in an orphanage. When Princess Bubblegum came to entertain the children, she laughed at the young cookie after he told her he wanted to be a princess like her. Baby-Snaps grew to resent Bubblegum for laughing at him, which culminated in the hostage situation.

    Jake helps Baby-Snaps escape, but the Banana Guards track them down to the edge of a canyon. Realizing there is no hope left, Baby-Snaps jumps into the canyon to end himself, but he is unsuccessful. He breaks into several pieces, which are later reconstructed when he is taken to a psychiatric facility. Jake visits him and gives him a grass crown. With Bubblegum's permission, Baby-Snaps is dubbed the Princess of the Grasslands.

  • One Coarse Meal on Random Surprisingly Depressing Episodes Of Children’s Cartoons

    (#13) One Coarse Meal

    • Mar 25 2010

    In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode entitled "One Course Meal," Plankton is still attempting to snatch the secret Krabby Patty recipe. When he detonates the Krusty Krab and captures SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs, he is scared away by Pearl, Mr. Krabs's daughter, who is a whale. Plankton is then revealed to be terrified of whales.

    Over the course of two weeks, Mr. Krabs terrorizes Plankton by pretending to be Pearl. Plankton sequesters himself inside the Chum Bucket, wracked with fear and nightmarish sleep. Eventually, he makes his way into the street, intent on taking his own life by being run over. 

    At the last moment, SpongeBob saves him and reveals Mr. Krabs's scheme. Regardless of this resolution, the psychological damage inflicted upon Plankton is difficult to watch.

  • I Remember You on Random Surprisingly Depressing Episodes Of Children’s Cartoons

    (#5) I Remember You

    • Oct 15 2012

    The episode of Adventure Time entitled "I Remember You" is memorable for its heartfelt moment between Marceline and the Ice King. The sequence occurs near the end of the episode. While sitting on the floor, Marceline sings a song whose lyrics describe a series of flashbacks. The song eventually reveals that Marceline and Simon - the Ice King's real name - were close friends before he was corrupted by his magical crown.

    As the song progresses, it's apparent that the Ice King no longer remembers their former bond, breaking Marceline's heart.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants - 'Texas' on Random Surprisingly Depressing Episodes Of Children’s Cartoons

    (#14) SpongeBob SquarePants - 'Texas'

    One of the most heart-wrenching episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants, entitled "Texas," hit close to home for many viewers. Throughout Sandy's time on the series, she remarks on her native Texas, but the depth of her homesickness isn't truly apparent until this episode, which features an original song all about her native land.

    Even her pained expression while she recalls everything she loves about her home state can stir some deep-set and intense emotions.

  • Gravity Falls - 'Weirdmageddon' on Random Surprisingly Depressing Episodes Of Children’s Cartoons

    (#12) Gravity Falls - 'Weirdmageddon'

    Weirdmageddon comes to Gravity Falls in the form of a three-part series finale. The event begins with Bill the Dream Demon transforming into an enormous, floating triangle who overtakes the town by plunging it into chaos. Fear and terror wreak havoc across the land, and the episode degenerates from slightly moody to terrifyingly dark.

    Over the course of the three-part episode, the main characters are all nearly taken out, Grunkle Stan makes a significant sacrifice, and everything devolves into sadness and despair. Numerous aspects of the three episodes leave a dark and disheartening mark on an otherwise witty and hilarious show.

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