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  • A Century-Old Bottle Of Beer on Random Strangest Things Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean

    (#5) A Century-Old Bottle Of Beer

    In 2015, an amateur diver found a 125-year-old bottle of brew at the bottom of Canada's Halifax Harbor. The glass bottle managed to survive decades underwater with the cork remaining intact. The half-full bottle came from the Alexander Keith's Brewery, one of North America’s oldest commercial breweries. The bottle was handed over to the brewers for a taste test to see how the pale ale held up after all these years. The brave souls volunteering to sip the beverage predictably responded that it tasted rather salty, but still had the recognizable taste of an ale.

  • Pyramids Off Cuba's Coast on Random Strangest Things Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean

    (#9) Pyramids Off Cuba's Coast

    In 2001, researchers discovered what appeared to be a sunken city near Cuba. Using sonar imaging, the scientists found smooth, geometric structures made from stone. Large pyramids and circular objects were arranged in a way eerily resembling city planning and seemingly cut directly from the granite. "It was a[s] though we should not be seeing what we were seeing. Our first thought was maybe we found some kind of secret military installation," said project leader Paulina Zelitsky. Scientists are divided on whether these are human-made relics or if they are simply an unusual natural formation. Until further research is completed, speculation will continue to circulate about this possible "Atlantis of the Caribbean."

  • An Ancient Analog Computer on Random Strangest Things Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean

    (#2) An Ancient Analog Computer

    The Antikythera mechanism sat in the ocean for 2,000 years until pieces of the bronze contraption were discovered in 1900. The parts, which were X-rayed in the 1970s, were widely dismissed by historians until 2006. More detailed CT scans of the fragments revealed a multitude of ancient Greek inscriptions, and scientists now believe the machine was used to chart astronomical events across the solar system. However, author Erich von Däniken has made the controversial claim that the machine is a piece of ancient alien technology.

    Because the Antikythera mechanism was created around the second century BCE, this phenomenally advanced device can be considered humanity's first "computer."

  • An Ancient Fishing Weir on Random Strangest Things Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean

    (#14) An Ancient Fishing Weir

    A fishing weir, used to trap fish through a narrow passage of water, was found in 2014 off of a remote Canadian island. The underwater site dates back at least 13,700 years, making it the oldest weir known to man. Researchers believe an ancient civilization living on the island used this weir to collect salmon. Over time, sea levels rose, submerging the weir well below the surface and shrinking the land considerably.

  • A Contested UFO Relic on Random Strangest Things Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean

    (#7) A Contested UFO Relic

    An odd-shaped object was discovered in 2011 at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Using sonar imaging, Swedish explorers uncovered a 210-foot artifact that strangely resembles the Millennium Falcon. Dubbed the "Baltic Sea Anomaly," no one knows exactly what this object is. Some speculate it could be the remains of a city, while others believe the round structure is a downed UFO. Because electrical equipment tends to fail when near the anomaly, the truth may remain a mystery for some time.

  • A Sunken Ship Full Of Treasure on Random Strangest Things Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean

    (#3) A Sunken Ship Full Of Treasure

    The wreckage of the San José, a Spanish galleon, was found in 2015 off the coast of Colombia. The ill-fated ship sunk in 1708, along with 600 passengers doomed for an ocean burial. A fight over ownership rights quickly ensued after the discovery that the ship's cargo contained up to $17 billion in treasure. An American salvage company argued it found the wreck in 1981, long before Colombia laid claim. A Colombian court found that all of the ship's contents are the property of the Colombian government, however. The country has launched a salvage operation but has run into several legal questions that have slowed the underwater treasure hunt. 

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