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  • (#10) He Offered A Barista $300 To Spend Quality Time With Him

    From Redditor /u/Moca448:

    "I have an older... customer ask me daily if he can buy me a pastry, I always decline. Last week, right before I hand him his venti PSL, he says, 'Forgive me if I am rude, but you are just beautiful! Would you allow me to spend time with you for $300?'

    The hell? Dude, if I were into selling [sex], $300 ain't gonna cut it!!"

  • (#12) He Really Wanted His Tea Shaken

    From Redditor /u/Lachraug:

    "[I] haven't worked at Starbucks for a while but my worst was this rude guy who came in sometimes. One time I was working bar and about to start making his iced tea. As soon as I grab his cup to read the order, he leans far over the counter and loudly whispers, 'You're going to F*CKING shake that.' I stammered. I Had no idea how to respond at first then I said, 'Well of course!' I looked around for the shaker and didn't see it instantly. I later found it right by me, but I was just so startled I didn't notice it. Not thinking straight I stammered, 'Well I think it's being washed in the dishwasher.'

    He got furious but, not wanting to cause a scene said, 'F*cking get it.' Again, me just completely caught out of the blue I said the first thing I could think of, 'It locks for its five-minute cycle.' He was on the verge of throwing something at me at that point when I snapped to. 'I can just shake it between these two cups though,' I said.

    He instantly relaxed and smiled and said, 'Oh thank you so much! You know it tastes better when its shaken and sometimes they don't shake it.' I should have called him out, but instead, I said in my cheery, friendly customer voice, 'Oh it sure does sir. I wouldn't have it any other way.'

    Looking back on it 'you're going to f*cking shake that' sounds like a really cheesy yet extremely aggressive pop song line. If I hadn't been the one he was putting on the spot and cursing at I think I would have busted up laughing."

  • (#3) He Offered Creepy Cab Rides To All The Girls

    From Redditor /u/Mkeltie:

    "We have a regular customer who we call 'creepy cabbie' who used to wait around and offer the girls drives home around closing time but has stopped since this recently got him banned from another store.

    A few months ago I was heading back to my apartment after an evening with friends and couldn't catch a cab (like literally tried to hail about thirty) and decided to start walking. Maybe a block away from where I'd given up the creep pulls over next to me and says, 'Why walk when you can drive?' I just yelled, 'It's ok I'm almost home!' I took sides streets the rest of the way."

  • (#6) He Flashed His Private Parts And Then Pleaded Insanity

    From Redditor /u/Shucksa1:

    "We had a guy come in every day in tiny biker shorts and let his penis hang out. He would move around the cafe depending on where the most attractive girl was sitting. We eventually got him arrested, and charges pressed, after three years and 15 incident reports filled through corporate. And he only got three weeks in jail because he pleaded insanity. Yep."

  • (#5) He Wrapped His Arms Around A Barista

    From Redditor /u/Mistergrieves1:

    "Once when I was on register, this middle-aged guy came BEHIND THE COUNTER, curled his arm around my waist, and whispered in my ear (face like 2 inches from mine) to ask me where the bathroom was. Our counter opens at an angle so that he came up behind me and I didn't see it coming. Then, five minutes later... MOTHER F*CKER DOES IT AGAIN to ask if his drink is ready!

    I was so shocked both times that I froze and couldn't even react beyond weakly answering his questions. I felt so uncomfortable for like an hour. [It] skeeves me out just remembering it."

  • (#7) He Always Went Through The Drive-Thru With Stuffed Animals On HIs Lap

    From a former Redditor:

    "This creepy guy comes through the drive-thru at night with stuffed animals in his car. Sometimes he'll have one on his lap... I'm pretty sure he doesn't have kids either. Super weird..."

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A Starbucks employee complained on Twitter that customers had too many orders and made him want to resign. The post triggered hot discussions on the Internet, and he was fired by Starbucks. The employee explained that this order is not the most difficult one he has made during his work at Starbucks. One customer once ordered 26 kinds of drinks, and at least half of them required crazy customization requirements.

The random tool shares 19 stories of creepiest customers that Starbucks employees have got through. It is true that the employees closest to the customer have to deal with the most crap and crazy demands.

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