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Random Standard Comics Publicationsreport

  • Real Funnies #1–3 (Jan. 1943 – June 1943) (Nedor Comics)

  • Goofy Comics (48 issues) (Titles)

  • Sniffy the Pup (14 issues) (Titles)

  • Alley Oop #10–18 (Oct. 1947 – Oct. 1949) (Titles)

  • Heckle and Jeckle #25–34 (picked up from St. John, went to Dell) (Pines Comics)

  • Cartoon Humor (Better)

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About This Tool

The standard comic was created in 1936 by the American publisher Ned Pines. At first, because he liked to read and create comics, he wanted to bring more comic books to others who loved them as well. As a result, Standard Comics Publications has been publishing Comics for years, with a total of 52 titles recorded in this random tool.

Standard Comics Publications is the parent company of two comic book series: Better and Nedir, which collectors and historians sometimes refer to collectively as “Standard/Better/Nedir”. From the information recorded in the generator, we can see a list of the major Publications published by Standard Comics, when they were published, and so on. Most of it was written in the mid 20th century, but by then it was big enough to make a splash.

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