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  • [Name]: M.K. Imtiaz alias Anamalu Imtiaz
    [Life]: d. 2009
    [Years Active]: 1990s-2009
    [Comments]: Anamalu Imtiaz was involved in at least 39 murders, including contract killings. He was also heavily involved in other areas of crime, including extortion and drug dealing. He operated in Maligawatte, and was kidnapped and killed by an unknown rival gang on July 9, 2009.

  • [Name]: Usliyanage Chinthaka Nalin Perera alias Chinthaka Amarasinghe
    [Life]: d. 1996
    [Years Active]: 1980s-1996
    [Comments]: Amarasinghe was considered to be the archrival of Soththi Upali, when he was at the height of his power. Also involved in numerous other murders, he gunned down Malu Nihal and Cheena – who were major henchmen of Upali, at Gothamipura in March 1993. It was alleged that Amarasinghe was supported by politician affiliated to People's Alliance. Chinthaka Amarasinghe hails from a crime-related family, with his uncle Noel Amarasinghe was the chief suspect in the Kollupitiya Tavern robbery case in 1966. He was killed at Thotalanga by a rival gang led by Kalu Ajit in 1996.

  • [Name]: Arambawelage Don Upali Ranjith alias Soththi Upali
    [Life]: d. 1998
    [Years Active]: 1970-1998
    [Comments]: He was said to be a close ally of B. Sirisena Cooray, the Minister of Housing and Construction of Premadasa government. Sri Lankan Police officers allegedly have addressed him as "sir" during that time. He served as a reserve sub inspector at one time and was included in the UNP executive body by President Premadasa. In 1997, a presidential commission appointed by President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga concluded that Upali was directly involved in assassination of Lalith Athulathmudali. Before the trial against him was finished, he was killed by a rival gang led by Kaduwela Raja on December 17, 1998.

  • [Name]: Sunil pereraalias Gonawala Sunil

    [Life]: d. 1987
    [Years Active]: 1970s-1980s
    [Comments]: Gonawala Sunil is one of the worst earliest criminal gang leaders in Sri Lankan underworld. He allegedly had been abused by old men connected with the UNP government at that time. He was involved in the massacre of 53 prisoners at Welikada Prison in 1983 and raping a 14-year-old girl in 1982. He was convicted of the murder, and was serving in prison when he was famously released on a presidential pardon given by President J.R. Jayewardene just before the 1982 presidential election. Subsequently, he was made an all-island Justice of the peace (JP). He had also been the bodyguard of Prime minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremasinghe, who was the Minister of Education of the J.R. Jayawardene government at that time. Sunil was killed at his residence by two assassins in 1987.

  • [Name]: Kamal Dammalarachchi alias Dematagoda Kamal
    [Life]: 1971-2010
    [Years Active]: 1990s-2010
    [Comments]: Dematagoda Kamal was involved in at least 15 murders including the killing of Dushyantha Senevirathne – the Leader of Opposition in the Galle Municipal Council. He was killed when he allegedly tried to throw a bomb at the Police.

  • [Name]: Sanjeewa Perera alias Baddegane Sanjeewa
    [Life]: d. 2001
    [Years Active]: 1994-2001
    [Comments]: Sanjeewa worked as a police sergeant at the President's Security Division (PSD) of President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and as Kumaratunga's private body guard when she was the Chief Minister of Western Province. He was accused of a number of murders and assaults including the murder of "Satana" editor Rohana Kumara, assault of Rukantha and Chandralekha Gunathilake, assassination of Kumar Ponnambalam, burning of the house of actress Anoja Weerasinghe and attack on The Sunday Leader editor Lasantha Wickrematunge in 1998. Sanjeewa was killed by the mob led by Dhammika Amarasinghe on November 2, 2001 allegedly under the orders of the former Minister of Defense, General Anuruddha Ratwatte.

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To this day, churches across Sri Lanka are routinely harassed, besieged, and even burned by history of Sri Lanka nationalists. For example, churches across Sri Lanka have been harassed and attacked by mobs for 11 consecutive Sundays since the beginning of 2019, and it is even more intriguing that such attacks are fundamentally different from previous attacks in Sri Lanka, it means that an international terrorist activity may be emerging as a new paradigm.

Because of the Politics of Sri Lanka, religion, and culture, there are many groups and people who do not cooperate. They set up their own businesses and hoped to obtain other rights, so they fought against the government through reactionary forms. The random tool compiled information on 21 known mobs from a terrorist organization that had been involved in a number of acts of rebellion. The generator also provides a detailed list of each mobster, the time of their death, and how their lives have been evaluated by society.

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