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Random Sri Lankan Military Personnelreport

  • Jagath Jayasuriya

  • Lalith Jayasinghe

  • Gamini Kularatne

  • Denzil Kobbekaduwa

  • Rohan Daluwatte

  • John Kotelawala

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About This Tool

Sri Lanka’s regular army is divided into land, sea, and air services. The Chairman of the service is concurrently held by the president. The Ministry of Defence is the highest military administration. Each service has its own outstanding military commander, and a detailed list is compiled in this random tool. This military personnel have been involved in various civil wars and conflicts, large and small, and have smoothed many disputes and resolved many disputes.

The eight key Sri Lankan military personnel, kept in the generator, come from different cities and regions of the country and have supreme authority in the military. But in their early years, they also climbed the ranks of the unknown, earning medals for their tireless efforts and extraordinary perseverance, winning recognition from the president and the other militaries at the highest level of the service.

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