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Random Sri Lankan Judgesreport

  • Shirani Tilakawardene (T)

  • Richard Cayley (C)

  • A. C. Alles (A)

  • Arthur Wijewardena (W)

  • Eugene Wilfred Jayewardene (J)

  • Chandra Ekanayake (E)

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About This Tool

When Sri Lanka was first established, its legal systems were not particularly complete. It wasn’t until he joined the British federal government, learning from the best of the legal system in other European countries, that he began to create equivalent positions in the judiciary, the Supreme Court, and the Chief Justice. In total, the tool generated a list of 43 former justices of the Court of Sri Lanka, which interested friends can look at further.

These justices served at different times. They learn from the European legal system and sit at different levels of the courts. At the same time, the judge is responsible for handling the day-to-day cases, holding court, and pronouncing the final outcome of the case. When you look at a random list of judges in this list, you will find that each of them is a well-known and impartial judge in Sri Lanka, they have also made great efforts to develop Sri Lanka into a country under the rule of law.

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