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Random Sri Lankan Industrialistsreport

  • Victor Hettigoda (Ayurveda Medicine)

  • H. K. Dharmadasa (Healthcare / Construction)

  • Richard Pieris ( Retail / Manufacturing )

  • Otara Gunewardene (Fashion)

  • Rajeev Yasiru Mathew (Social Media)

  • Upali Wijewardene (Automobile / Media)

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About This Tool

Sri Lankan enterprises cover all sectors of producers, distributors, service providers, importers, exporters, buyers, brokers, and industry-related institutions, and so on. They dominate Sri Lanka’s leading industries and have a monopoly on the growth of foreign firms. The random tool contains a list of eight prominent local Sri Lankan industrialists.

They are making a lot of money in all kinds of new industries. With the generator, you can see a complete list of every entrepreneur, major field, major industry, and so on. It is clear that these industrialists are more engaged in the world’s hottest third revolution development, that is, the information age. Most of them are people who thrive in social media, banking, electronic information technology, retail, etc.

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