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Random Sri Lankan Generalsreport

  • Major General P. M. R. Bandara (Retired) (Major General)

  • Major General Tuan Fadyl Meedin (Retired) (Major General)

  • Major General Sanath Karunaratne (Retired) (Major General)

  • Brigadier Sudantha Thilakarathne (Brigadier)

  • Major General Nandana Udawatta (Retired) (Major General)

  • General Crishantha de Silva

    (Regular Force) (General)

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About This Tool

The political situation in Sri Lanka is very chaotic, with many civil wars and conflicts taking place frequently in the poor country. This has led to the creation of a wide variety of local organizations that are actively fighting the government for their rights. The local army in Sri Lanka, led by the generals, has been fighting various terrorist organizations, hoping to win the war. The random tool lists 109 former or current generals who have served in various Sri Lankan military organizations.

You can refer to the list of generals recorded by the generator to find their full names, as well as their organization. They served in different armies, with different titles and ranks, Field Marshal, General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier, etc. Some are retired, but others are active in the military and still dedicated to the future of Sri Lanka.

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