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Random Sri Lankan Engineersreport

  • U. N. Gunasekera (G)

  • Abhaya Induruwa (I)

  • E P B Liyanage (L)

  • Mohan Munasinghe (M)

  • A. N. S. Kulasinghe (K)

  • Lalith Gamage (G)

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About This Tool

Engineers in every country are technically brilliant, highly capable, and have been one of the key players in transforming the country and moving it forward. And in Sri Lanka there are all kinds of outstanding engineers, who are engaged in different professions, computers, electricity, water and electricity, electronic information technology, and so on, changing everything in Sri Lanka in different ways. This tool only randomly selected 24 very well-known engineers to be introduced, helping those who want to know more to get to know more clearly.

These engineers come from different eras, different cities, and regions of Sri Lanka. They have witnessed the development of Sri Lanka at different times, but also fully contribute their own strength. Whether it is working with engineers in other fields in the country, or sharing and discussing technological developments with well-known engineers in other countries internationally, the engineers preserved in the generator are also constantly improving themselves for the development of their country.

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