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Random Sri Lankan Composersreport

  • Sunil Santha (S)

  • C. T. Fernando (F)

  • Iraj Weeraratne (I)

  • Rookantha Gunathilake (G)

  • Priya Suriyasena (S)

  • W. D. Amaradeva (A)

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About This Tool

For those who love music, the composition is not a job, not a profession, is a way of life, is a lifetime thing. Many composers have dedicated their lives to making music. They have created countless pieces of music that are familiar to many people. The melodies have always surrounded the ears of international people. This random tool compiled a list of 27 well-known local composers from Sri Lanka.

These composers preserved in the generator show the endless charm of Sri Lankan folk music to the audience by playing, talking and interacting with the audience through music. His music composition combines elements of Western classical music and Sri Lankan folk music, deeply loved by Sri Lankan people. After their creation of the tune has been repeated around the world, and has been flexibly applied to a variety of movies, TV series, musical music to the middle.

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