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List of Sports Venues In Saudi Arabiareport

  • King Fahd International Stadium, Opened 1987, Capacity 75,000. (Riyadh)

  • Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, Opened 1971, Capacity 30,000. (Riyadh)

  • King Abdullah Sports City, Opened 2014, Capacity 62,345. (Jeddah)

  • Prince Abdullah al-Faisal Stadium, Opened 1970, Capacity 25,000. (Jeddah)

  • Prince Sultan bin Fahd Stadium, Opened 1987, Capacity 15,000. (Jeddah)

  • Department of Education Stadium (Unaizah) Opened 1 March 1987, Capacity 10,000. (Others)

  • King Abdul Aziz Stadium in Mecca, Opened 1986, Capacity 17,000. (Others)

  • King Fahd Stadium, Taif Opened ?, Capacity 20,000. (Others)

  • Prince Abdul Aziz bin Musa'ed Stadium Opened ?, Capacity 20,000. (Others)

  • Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium Opened ?, Capacity 35,000. (Others)

  • Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Stadium Opened ?, Capacity 20,000. (Others)

  • Prince Saud bin Jalawi Stadium Opened 1982, Capacity 20,000. (Others)

  • Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Stadium Opened ?, Capacity 20,000. (Others)

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About This Tool

Saudi Arabia has built large stadiums in recent years, including the King Fahd International Stadium, which seats more than 100,000 people and has the largest roof area in the world. Although Saudi Arabia already has 23 large stadiums, it recently announced that it would build 11 new “World Class” stadiums. Only 13 of the better-known Sports Venues were randomly selected for this tool.

Each of these Sports Venues has its own Sports, and they are huge, with large audiences, almost all of them in the tens of thousands. Although they are located in different cities and regions, they are the main local economic, cultural, and sports development cities in Saudi Arabia. The resulting Sports Venues generate fresh blood to the region’s Sports scene and boost the local Sports industry. Once each Sports Venue holds an international event, synchronization can also boost the local economy.

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