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  • Liukin (horizontal bar) – Tkatchev with full-twisting layout, after Valeri Liukin (USSR) (Artistic gymnastics)

  • Hindorff (uneven bars) – clear hip circle to immediate Tkatchev release, after Sylvia Hindorff (East Germany) (Artistic gymnastics)

  • Miller (uneven bars) – cast to handstand with 1​12 turn after handstand to mixed-L grip, after Shannon Miller (US) (Artistic gymnastics)

  • The Staniouta – cossack turn starting on floor + connecting penchee turn, after Melitina Staniouta (Belarus) (Rhythmic gymnastics)

  • Yang Hak Seon 2 (vault) – currently one of only five vaults with highest official D-score of 6.0; Tsukahara with 3​12 twists or Kasamatsu with 2​12 twists, after Yang Hak-Seon (South Korea) (Artistic gymnastics)

  • Volzing – a now illegal pole vault technique, named after Dave Volz (US) (Athletics)

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The 269 Sports Terms that appeared in the random tool came from a variety of countries, as well as from a variety of countries with once-great athletes. What’s more interesting is that some sports terms you wouldn’t even think of are names from other industries.

In sports, a sports term, movement, or team is named after a person to honor these heroes. Jaqué, from the famous wrestler Jaqué; Zech, one of the greatest power players of the 20th century; Bobby Jump, an American physiologist. In addition to the knowledge of those who love sports, much more information is stored in the generator, which is also suitable for everyone to carry out the important cognitive information.

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