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  • [Stadium]: Royal Bangkok Sports Club
    [Seating capacity]:
    [Sport]: Golf, Polo
    [Home team(s)]:

  • [Stadium]: SCG Stadium (Thunderdome Stadium) #
    [Seating capacity]: 15,000
    [Sport]: Football
    [Home team(s)]: Muangthong United F.C.

  • [Stadium]: PAT Stadium
    [Seating capacity]: 12,308
    [Sport]: Football
    [Home team(s)]: Thai Port F.C.

  • [Stadium]: TOT Stadium Chaeng Watthana
    [Seating capacity]: 5,000
    [Sport]: Football
    [Home team(s)]: Kasetsart F.C.

  • [Stadium]: Boonyajinda Stadium
    [Seating capacity]: 5,000
    [Sport]: Football
    [Home team(s)]: Police Tero F.C.

  • [Stadium]: Prem Tinsulanonda International School Ground
    [Seating capacity]:
    [Sport]: Cricket
    [Home team(s)]: Thailand national cricket team

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About This Tool

Rajamangala National Stadium, the largest stadium in Thailand, was completed in 1998 and is located in the capital Bangkok and became the Main Stadium of the 1998 Asian Games in the same year. In addition, there are nearly 39 local Bangkok different levels of different specifications of the stadium, a detailed list of collation in this random tool.

These stadiums were built at different times, in different locations, and built or renovated to cater to different sporting events. Each home team uses these stadiums as a place for daily training, games, or games. From the data compiled by the generator, you can also find out how many seats each stadium can hold, what sports it accepts, and what the Home team is like. Although many of these stadiums are empty and used for different purposes.

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