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  • [Designation]: M90
    [Picture]: Messier object 090.jpg
    [Classification]: SAB(rs)ab
    [Constellation]: Virgo
    [Apparent Magnitude]: 10.3
    (Spiral galaxies)

  • [Designation]: NGC 1309
    [Picture]: N1309.jpg

    [Classification]: SA(s)bc
    [Constellation]: Eridanus
    [Apparent Magnitude]: 12.0
    (Spiral galaxies)

  • [Designation]: NGC 1090
    [Picture]: NGC1090 - SDSS DR14.jpg
    [Classification]: SB(rs)bc
    [Constellation]: Cetus
    [Apparent Magnitude]: 12.5
    (Spiral galaxies)

  • [Designation]: NGC 17
    [Picture]: Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 17 (2008-04-24).jpg
    [Classification]: Sc
    [Constellation]: Cetus
    [Apparent Magnitude]: 15.3
    (Spiral galaxies)

  • [Designation]: NGC 4911
    [Picture]: NGC 4911.jpg
    [Classification]: Sb
    [Constellation]: Coma Berenices
    [Apparent Magnitude]: Unknown
    (Spiral galaxies)

  • [Designation]: NGC 5033
    [Picture]: NGC5033.jpg
    [Classification]: SA(s)c
    [Constellation]: Canes Venatici
    [Apparent Magnitude]: 10.8
    (Spiral galaxies)

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About This Tool

The Spiral Galaxies have a lot of diffuse material near their symmetrical faces, which look like vortices from the front and shuttle-shaped from the side. The famous Andromeda Nebula, the Triangulum Nebula, and the Whirlpool Milky Way are all spiral galaxies. A list of 131 Spiral Galaxies that astronomers have observed can be found in the random tool for those interested.

The Spiral Galaxies, code-named S, are followed by letters A, B and C to indicate how tight the arms are, with a being the tightest and c the loosest. So it’s not hard to understand that the design, Classification, Constellation, and Apparent Magnitude of galaxies that appear in the generator are data that great astronomers have recorded and preserved.

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