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Random Spanish-language Poetsreport

  • Renée Ferrer de Arréllaga (born 1944) (Paraguay)

  • Severo Sarduy (1937–1993) (Cuba)

  • Medardo Ángel Silva (1898–1919) (Ecuador)

  • Salvador Novo (1904–1974) (Mexico)

  • Roberto Bolaño (1953–2003) (Chile)

  • José Gorostiza (1901–1973) (Mexico)

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About This Tool

During the continuous civil war and conflict in Spanish history, many excellent Spanish poets expressed their dissatisfaction with the war and complained about the people’s suffering life by writing various long and short poems. In the golden age of Spanish literature, poetry and these Spanish poets were indispensable. This tool generates a list of 224 very good Spanish poets, who present the world with different themes of poetry, a new reality in Spain.

When you look at a random list of Spanish poets on this list, most of the works they publish are free, natural, lucid, and Renaissance humanism. From their work, we can witness the glory of the Spanish Empire for a while, but also to see the decline. Beautiful poetry requires patient reading, and only through the impact of the years can we better understand the meaning of these Spanish poets’works.

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