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  • Tyres O'Flaherty (played by Michael Smiley): A Northern Irish bike messenger and a friend of Tim and Mike's. He is a raver and everyday noises such as a phone ringing, or a car horn honking, sound like rave music to him, often prompting him to start dancing. His raving (and presumed accompanying drug intake) also makes him prone to hair-trigger mood swings. Tyres possesses a very short attention span and is easily distracted. He suspects Tim and Daisy are more than "just friends" and always refers to the two of them as such, with air quotes. He is also very proud of being part of the work force, more than once putting down both Tim and Daisy (insulting them because of their career choices; and when Daisy tells him she is signing on). A zombie version of Tyres appears very briefly (still dancing) in Shaun of the Dead. (Recurring characters)

  • Sarah (played by Anna Wilson-Jones): Sarah is the ex-girlfriend who broke Tim's heart by leaving him for his friend, Duane, and kicking him out of their flat. Sarah is a rather cruel person, feeding her own vanity with Tim's humiliating attempts to win her back, while, at the same time, constantly ignoring him. She later wants to reconcile with Tim but he realizes that it is best for him to move on. She subsequently gets back with Duane. (Recurring characters)

  • Damien Knox (played by Clive Russell): The head of Dark Star Comics, the company that Tim desperately longs to work for. When Tim first submitted his portfolio, Damien laughed him out of the office. Since then, Tim has been haunted by visions of Damien laughing at him, and is afraid of submitting a new portfolio to him. When he sees Tim's work again, he is very impressed. In the DVD commentary, it is revealed that Damien is based on Herr Starr from Preacher. (Recurring characters)

  • Daisy Steiner (played by Jessica Stevenson): Daisy is an aspiring writer, although she tends to spend most of her time actively avoiding doing any writing - or any other actual work for that matter. Whereas Tim is often fiery and impatient, Daisy is optimistic, enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky, and at times overwhelmingly so. She can also be aggressive and intimidating at times, as demonstrated when she joined an employment agency only to lose most of the jobs she was assigned through her negative attitudes. She considers herself to be quite intellectual, even though she only graduated from Kingston University with a third class degree. She has a tendency to babble in conversation, making social interactions rather more difficult to navigate than they necessarily have to be. She also has a tendency to interfere in other people's problems or lives as a way of avoiding focusing on her work or her own problems. Daisy bestows most of her love upon her dog Colin, a Miniature Schnauzer, whom she rescues from being put down. Daisy also possesses a natural talent for martial arts, although this is seldom called into use. Her greatest desire was to go to India and see the Taj Mahal, a goal which she accomplished between series one and two after having actually published some articles for a change (her trip was also aided by inheritance money from her deceased aunt). (Main characters)

  • Sophie (played by Lucy Akhurst): Damien's beautiful assistant who helps Tim get hired at Dark Star. They immediately begin dating and have a fun relationship, provoking jealousy in both Daisy and Mike. In the last episode of series 2, she gets a job offer at Marvel Comics in the American city of Seattle, and must move away. (Recurring characters)

  • Mike Watt (played by Nick Frost): Mike is Tim's best friend. He wishes dearly that he could join the British Army, but unfortunately is ineligible owing to the detached retinas he received following a painful childhood accident when jumping from a tree after being encouraged by Tim, and as must console himself with membership in the Territorial Army instead. The first series revealed that Mike had been thrown out of the TA because he stole a Chieftain tank and tried to invade Paris with it while on weekend manoeuvres in France. At a readmission hearing, it is revealed that Mike's invasion plan failed because he stopped at Euro Disney and was apprehended on Space Mountain. Mike is granted readmission by the end of the first series however, and even advanced to the rank of sergeant during the second series. Mike is a weapons expert and is obsessed with military order, protocol and lifestyle. He is always armed, usually with several automatic or semi-automatic firearms, and also sometimes grenades or even landmines. He rarely dresses without full DPM clothing and a military beret. He uses walkie-talkies as cell phones and only uses military time — he does not understand times given to him from the 12-hour clock. He snores in weapons and explosives noises. Mike is very protective of Tim, and subtle suggestions over the course of the series indicate that Mike may have a slight crush on him (evident in such 'subtle' indications as Tim and himself holding hands at the start of some scenes, most obviously in the Paintball episode: their hands are parted by a tree). Despite his military pretensions, Mike is an innocent and friendly individual who is deeply hurt by being put aside in favour of Tim's growing relationship with Sophie and that his best friend won't spend any time with him any more in series two. The character was based on a recurring joke between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (who are best friends outside of the series). When writing Spaced, Pegg included the character and persuaded Edgar Wright to cast Frost. (Main characters)

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Spaced was a 1999 British comedy series, directed by Nick Frost and starring Simon Pegg. The story is mainly about two people who do not know each other for the room made a joke. When the comedy was broadcast in the UK, it attracted the attention of many people who believed it was a very funny and humorous comedy TV series. Each member of the play has a distinct personality and has its own characteristics.

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