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Random Space Shuttle Rollbacksreport

  • [No.]: 18
    [Date]: 2007-03-04
    [Orbiter]: Atlantis
    [Mission]: STS-117
    [Reason]: Inspection failure
    [Description]: Atlantis was moved back to the VAB after a hail storm damaged the foam insulation on the orbiter's external tank, necessitating repairs. Atlantis was then successfully launched on June 8, 2007.

  • [No.]: 2
    [Date]: 1984-07-11
    [Orbiter]: Discovery
    [Mission]: STS-41-D
    [Reason]: Abort
    [Description]: Space shuttle main engine (SSME) #3 replaced after a launch abort.

  • [No.]: 16
    [Date]: 2005-05-26
    [Orbiter]: Discovery
    [Mission]: STS-114
    [Reason]: Component upgrade
    [Description]: Discovery was returned to the VAB in order to get a new, modified external fuel tank in preparation for the first Return to Flight mission following the Columbia accident.

  • [No.]: 10
    [Date]: 1995-08-01
    [Orbiter]: Endeavour
    [Mission]: STS-69
    [Reason]: Weather
    [Description]: Endeavour was moved back to the VAB due to threat of severe weather from Hurricane Erin.

  • [No.]: 5
    [Date]: 1990-08-09
    [Orbiter]: Atlantis
    [Mission]: STS-38
    [Reason]: Fuel leak
    [Description]: Atlantis was rolled back after tests confirmed a hydrogen fuel leak on the external tank side of the external tank/orbiter quick-disconnect umbilical.

  • [No.]: 6
    [Date]: 1990-10-09
    [Orbiter]: Columbia
    [Mission]: STS-35
    [Reason]: Weather
    [Description]: Weather threat from Tropical Storm Klaus.

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About This Tool

Rollbacks are the terminology used by NASA to roll the shuttle back from the mobile launch pad and the launch pad on top of the tracked Vehicle Assembly Building. If the aircraft is unable to launch due to bad weather or other reasons, many factors may need to roll back. Rollback times like this have occurred many times in history, and the tool only randomly selected 20 of them to introduce.

In the generator, we can see the exact beginning and end of the rollback times of these buses. It includes the detailed date of the rollback, the Orbiter, the tasks to be completed, the reason for the rollback, and the main description of the rollback at the time. In summary, rollback is most likely due to Inspection failure, Weather, Abort, Fuel leak, Payload, External tank repairs, and several other major causes affecting the actual time of launch.

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