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Random Soviet Union Military Bases Abroadreport

  • East Germany (Rostock) (Signals intelligence facilities)

  • Alexandria and Marsa Matruh (Egypt) (Naval bases)

  • Finland (Porkkala) (Signals intelligence facilities)

  • Bizerte and Sfax (Tunisia) (Naval bases)

  • Latakia and Tartus (Syria) (Naval bases)

  • Tripoli and Tobruk (Libya) (Naval bases)

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About This Tool

The Soviet Union reached its peak in the late 1970s. At its peak, the Soviet Union had military bases in 20 or 30 countries, with dozens of military bases, throughout the world in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Americas, and several different countries. This random tool only SU base selected 16 of the more familiar military bases for introduction, interested friends can further view.

Most of these bases were built at the height of the Soviet Union’s power and represented its voice in the world. Despite the Soviet Union’s eight faces and its rivalry with the United States, Russia now has only one military base in Syria, which is pretty bleak. The military bases preserved in the generator, because of their geostrategic value, were also used by the superpowers of the Soviet Union at that time.

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