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Random Soviet Films Of 1923report

  • [Title]: A Spectre Haunts Europe
    [Original title]: Призрак бродит по Европе
    [Director]: Vladimir Gardin
    [Cast]: Zoya Barantsevich
    [Genre]: Horror

  • [Title]: The Fight for the Ultimatum Factory
    [Original title]: Борьба за Ультиматум
    [Director]: Dmitri Bassalygo
    [Cast]: Vasiliy Aristov
    [Genre]: Adventure

  • [Title]: Kino-Pravda vol. 14-17
    [Original title]: Кино-правда
    [Director]: Dziga Vertov
    [Genre]: Newsreel

  • [Title]: Man Is Man's Enemy
    [Original title]: Katsi katsistvis mgelia (Человек человеку волк)
    [Director]: Ivan Perestiani
    [Cast]: Vladimir Maksimov, T. Maqsimova, Ivane Perestiani, V. Djamgarova
    [Genre]: Adventure

  • [Title]: Comedienne
    [Original title]: Комедиантка
    [Director]: Aleksandr Ivanovsky
    [Cast]: Yekaterina Korchagina-Aleksandrovskaya, Nina Shaternikova
    [Genre]: Drama

  • [Title]: Arsena, the Brigand
    [Original title]: Arsena Kachagi (Разбойник Арсен)
    [Director]: Vladimir Barsky
    [Cast]: Nato Vachnadze
    [Genre]: Action

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About This Tool

During the long standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union, every Soviet film that came into the world was accompanied by ridicule and cynicism from the west around it, but when they saw it, they had to admit that Soviet films were indescribable. 1923 was the height of Soviet cinema, and many films were screened at that time. The random tool contained a list of the 13 most famous films of the time, which friends interested in the Soviet government could examine in detail.

The Soviet people of that time had just experienced the Red October Revolution, and they were very sensitive to war films and documentaries, so the main genre of film at that time was also the story of the October Revolution. The titles, original titles, directors, actors and genres of the films released in 1923 are all preserved in this generator, which represents the development of the Soviet film industry at that time.

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