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Random Soviet Antarctic Expeditionsreport

  • [Date]: 1958–60
    [Expedition]: 4th Soviet Antarctic Expedition
    [Leader]: Aleksandr Dralkin
    (Expeditions ordered by date)

  • [Date]: 1982–84
    [Expedition]: 28th Soviet Antarctic Expedition
    [Leader]: N.A.Kornilov, A.N.Artemyev
    (Expeditions ordered by date)

  • [Date]: 1964–66
    [Expedition]: 10th Soviet Antarctic Expedition
    [Leader]: M.E.Ostrekin, I.G.Petrov
    (Expeditions ordered by date)

  • [Date]: 1976–78
    [Expedition]: 22nd Soviet Antarctic Expedition
    [Leader]: N.I.Tyabin, Leonid Dubrovin
    (Expeditions ordered by date)

  • [Date]: 1978–80
    [Expedition]: 24th Soviet Antarctic Expedition
    [Leader]: A.N.Artemyev, O.K.Sedov
    (Expeditions ordered by date)

  • [Date]: 1970–72
    [Expedition]: 16th Soviet Antarctic Expedition
    [Leader]: I.G.Petrov and Yury Tarbeyev
    (Expeditions ordered by date)

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About This Tool

The Soviet expedition landed in Antarctica 63 years ago. The expedition was led by Mikhail Somov, a hero of the Soviet Union. The three ships brought 8,345 tons of cargo to the polar explorers and gave them special watches: the dials were divided into 24 equal parts so that day and night could be distinguished. The first Soviet Antarctic village, the village of peace, was built in just two months. By the end of 1956, there were two more stations: the Pionerskaya Station and the oasis station.

In fact, there have been 36 Soviet expeditions to Antarctica, each with its own efforts and rewards. Starting in 1955, the earliest date recorded in this random tool, every two years a team set foot in Antarctica, and through sheer willpower and hard work, they got the data they wanted. And in the generator, you can see that every time you set foot in Antarctica, you were led by Soviet men, several of whom had visited Antarctica many times, and dedicated their lives to the exploration they loved the most.

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