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Random Soviet And Russian Ice Hockey Goal Scoring Championsreport

  • 1948–49 Alexei Guryshev - PHC Krylya Sovetov (Soviet Championship)

  • 1953–54 Belyaev Bekyashev (Soviet Championship)

  • 2010–11 Roman Červenka - Avangard Omsk (Kontinental Hockey League)

  • 1982–83 Alexei Frolikov - Dinamo Riga (Soviet Championship)

  • 1952–53 Alexei Guryshev - PHC Krylya Sovetov (Soviet Championship)

  • 2000-01 Alexander Golts - Metallurg Magnitogorsk (Russian Superleague)

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About This Tool

There is an old saying in Russia that there are only two kinds of people in Russia, one is a hockey player, the other is for hockey.”. With years of development and change, hockey has become the number one sport in the country. Tracing back to the development history of Russian ice hockey, it can be divided into two periods: the former Soviet Union and modern Russia. In the meantime, hockey has been one of the country’s proudest sports. Many of the best players continue to break their own and national records, and the tool generates details of 71 ice hockey champions and their games.

From the random tool, we can see that these ice hockey players have been actively participating in regional, national and even international hockey games since 1946. At the same time continue to challenge themselves, beyond their own, through the super high score to win the championship position. The results and the number of winners are a result of the government’s emphasis on hockey, one of the few sports in the world with knowledge of book publishing.

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