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Random Soviet Aircraft Losses During The Soviet–Afghan Warreport

  • 16 April 1987 – A MiG-23 fighter jet was shot down. (1987)

  • 16 January 1984 – A Su-25 strike jet was shot down, killing its pilot. (1984)

  • 24 September 1985 – An Mi-24 assault helicopter was shot down. (1985)

  • 28 October 1981 – An Mi-24 assault helicopter was shot down, killing three crew members. (1981)

  • 3 July 1984 – An Mi-24 assault helicopter was shot down. (1984)

  • 2 July 1984 – An Mi-8 transport helicopter was shot down, killing one crew member. (1984)

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About This Tool

Throughout the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Soviet Union spent more than $20 billion. From December 27, 1979, the Soviet Union sent more than 80,000 troops into Afghanistan. By May 15, 1989, the first Soviet troops began to withdraw from Afghanistan. According to official Soviet figures, 14,453 Soviet troops were killed and 53,753 were disabled, 417 missing, 415,932 maimed. A total of 237 aircraft were destroyed during this period, a detailed list of which is recorded in this random tool.

Most of these planes was rushed out of production to meet the needs of the war. In addition to being stronger and more resistant to foreign aggression, these aircraft also cost a lot of manpower and money. The planes that were destroyed in the Afghan War were more or less damaged, either completely sunk or only partially destroyed. The results of these aircraft are stored in detail in the generator, so that people can see the cruelty and ruthlessness of the war.

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