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Random Soviet Air Force Basesreport

  • Gromovo (Sakkola) (Leningrad). 31 MiG-31. (Active until 2002, 180th Fighter Air Regiment now disbanded) (6th Army of the PVO)

  • Source Feskov et al. 2004, p. 152 and Vasquez (12th Army of the PVO (Turkestan Military District))

  • Chuguyevka (Primorskiy Kray). 11 PVO, 513 IAP. MiG-31, MiG-25. (Vasquez says 530 IAP) (11th Air Army - Far East Military District)

  • Amderma (Novaya Zemlya). 72nd Fighter Regiment (MiG-31), 1994. 10 PVO, 74 IAP. 31 MiG-31. (10th PVO Army, Arctic)

  • Kilp Yavr (Murmansk). 941st Fighter Regiment (Su-27), 1994. 10 PVO, 941 IAP. 38 Su-27. (Active in 2006 still flying Su-27s) (10th PVO Army, Arctic)

  • Zerbst (Forces in Germany)

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About This Tool

Twenty years after the end of the Cold War, when Russian air bases were once abandoned, Russia is now fully revitalized its strategic air force, and the 169 air bases recorded in this random tool are likely to begin strategic watch again, patrolling the entire western hemisphere. These air bases were supposed to represent the Soviet Air Force and the Russian Air Force from the last decade of the Cold War to the 1990s.

Now with the list compiled by the generator, we can see the full details of the countries and regions where each air base is located, as well as the specific time of construction and the year of use of some of the aircraft. At that time, most of these air force bases were named according to the principles of the nearby villages, or the number of marks. This is a very rare and interesting fact.

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