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Random Sony/ATV Music Publishing Artistsreport

  • Elliott Yamin (E)

  • Hank Williams (H)

  • Ball Park Music (B)

  • Roy Acuff (R)

  • Geri Halliwell (G)

  • Jeff Buckley (J)

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About This Tool

Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a Sony Entertainment Music Publishing Company, was founded in 1995 as a result of a merger between Sony Music Publishing and television Music Publishing, which was founded by Michael Jackson. They are known for recruiting different musical artists and for supporting and encouraging them to pursue their musical dreams. The 391 artists recorded in this generator tool are from Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Since its inception, Sony/ATV Music Publishing has published the work of thousands of Music artists. There were also one million albums of music, many of them with good results. Sony/ATV Music Publishing has more than 3 million songs in its library, providing endless creative opportunities for countless Music artists. When you randomly look at the names on this list, you’ll also find a lot of information about the artists you know and know.

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