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Random Sonoran Municipalities By Human Development Indexreport

  • [Rank]: 50° Increase (9)
    [Municipality]: Bacanora
    [Population]: 784
    [HDI (2005)]: 0.8100
    [Change compared to 2000's report]: Increase 0.0532

  • [Rank]: 45° Steady
    [Municipality]: Altar
    [Population]: 9,049
    [HDI (2005)]: 0.8186
    [Change compared to 2000's report]: Increase 0.0500

  • [Rank]: 46° Increase (4)
    [Municipality]: Huachinera
    [Population]: 1,350
    [HDI (2005)]: 0.8166
    [Change compared to 2000's report]: Increase 0.0518

  • [Rank]: 70° Increase (2)
    [Municipality]: Quiriego
    [Population]: 3,356
    [HDI (2005)]: 0.7357
    [Change compared to 2000's report]: Increase 0.0532

  • [Rank]: 63° Decrease (11)
    [Municipality]: Trincheras
    [Population]: 1,731
    [HDI (2005)]: 0.7880
    [Change compared to 2000's report]: Increase 0.0235

  • [Rank]: 16° Decrease (6)
    [Municipality]: San Luis Río Colorado
    [Population]: 178,380
    [HDI (2005)]: 0.8551
    [Change compared to 2000's report]: Increase 0.0445

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About This Tool

Sonora is one of the thirty-one Mexican states, covering an area of 180,000 square kilometers, the second largest in the country. More mountainous territory, northern desert, hot summer weather, drought and water shortage. The local desert and exotic flowers and plants are very famous, each year attracts many tourists to come to see. If we rank the cities of Sonoran in terms of HDI changes, we can also see the changes and development of the entire city over the last 20 years in this random tool.

At least in terms of the changes seen in the generator, Sonoran has different trends from city to city. Many cities that were barren decades ago have seen huge improvements over the decades, thanks to the efforts of governments and local people. And some cities have stalled, falling short of the previous HDI. If you’re also interested in local politics and economics, check out this list to learn more about Sonoran.

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