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Random Sonoran Desert Wildflowersreport

  • Common name: Coues' senna (Senna covesii)

  • Flowers bloom in the spring (Encelia farinosa)

  • Common name: bluedicks (Dichelostemma capitatum)

  • Flowers bloom February to April (Penstemon parryi)

  • Common name: chia (Salvia columbariae)

  • Flowers bloom February to April (Anemone tuberosa)

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About This Tool

The Sonoran Desert is located in North America on the border of the United States and Mexico. It is one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America, covering a total area of 311,000 square kilometers. Many unique plants and animals live in the Sonoran Desert, such as the giant saguaro cactus. Many wildflowers, wild plants and animals are well known here, and the tool only generated 66 items of wildflower information that had been discovered by experts.

Most of these wildflowers don’t need much water and have a great thirst for sunlight. In the desert, humidity is the key to life. Local environmental factors are also important in determining the characteristics of desert plant communities and the animals that sustain them. When you randomly look at the wildflower information on this list, you’ll see that most of them are drought-tolerant or groundwater-wet plants. In an effort to better protect resources, the 2,008 square kilometer area of the Sonoran Desert has been designated the Sonoran Desert National Register of Historic Places.

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