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Random Somerset County Cricket Club Playersreport

  • David Doughty (1963–1964) 17 matches CA (D)

  • John Baker (1952–1954) 9 matches CA (B)

  • Dan Cullen (2006) 4 matches CA (C)

  • George Wood (1893–1894) 3 matches CA (W)

  • Peter Denning (1969–1984) 269 matches CA (D)

  • Arthur Gibson (1919) 1 match CA (G)

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About This Tool

Somerset County Cricket Club is one of the top 18 County clubs in the Cricket structure in England and Wales. Founded in 1875, it has a centuries-old history of cricket and, after playing many games, finally achieved official first-class status in 1895. There’s a lot of talk around this club, but we know that its success depends on the hard work of these 681 players, who are kept in a random tool.

These players join the team from different time periods to play. After hard work, hard training and perseverance, they were able to stand on the playing field and compete for trophies for the club and the country. Through the generator, we can see the detailed list of each player, join the club time, participate in the number of CA games, and so on. Constant play is the best way to hone these players and make them more resilient and courageous.

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