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  • Abdul Ahmed III - Political Economy and Global Strategy (Notable Somalist scholars)

  • Lidwien Kapteijns – history (Notable Somalist scholars)

  • David D. Laitin – politics and history (Notable Somalist scholars)

  • Harold C. Fleming – anthropology and linguistics (Notable Somalist scholars)

  • Abdurahman Moalim Abdullahi Badiyow – history and religion (Notable Somalist scholars)

  • Mohamed Diriye Abdullahi – linguistics (Notable Somalist scholars)

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About This Tool

The Somalians are divided into three groups according to the northern, central and southern regions, but they have a highly unified culture and a strong sense of national pride. They are mainly nomadic people, with ancestor worship as the main religious activities. There are many famous scholars in charge of studying the local conditions, including language, history, geography, culture, politics, religion and so on.

This random tool compiles a list of 37 scholars from Somalia. Their detailed names, major occupations, accomplishments, and so on are kept in this generator. Because of the quiet dedication of these scholars, the world can have a better understanding of the original isolation of Somali culture. Because of the research papers and works of these scholars, many tourists gradually prefer to go to Somalia to visit, travel and study.

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