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Random Somaliland Politiciansreport

  • Suleiman Haglotosiye – former Minister of Health (Ministers)

  • Muse Bihi Abdi – current and fifth President of Somaliland (Presidents)

  • Adan Ahmed Elmi – former Minister of Agriculture (Ministers)

  • Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aidiid – current Mayor of Hargeisa (Other Politicians)

  • Said Sulub Mohamed (Ministers)

  • Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud – fourth President of Somaliland (Presidents)

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About This Tool

Following a brief political crisis from 1994 to 1996, “Somaliland”enacted a new constitution, establishing a presidential system and achieving a peaceful transition of power; the Western parliamentary system was combined with the politics of traditional local tribal elders, political stability and the unity of the tribes in the territory were ensured. In the early days, faced with all kinds of political disintegration, the politicians here came to deal with and solve all kinds of difficult political problems. This random tool compiles a detailed list of 55 representative Somalis and Politicians for those interested to check further.

They come from different eras and have witnessed the political development of Somaliland in multiple forms. Through the generator, we can see the corresponding list of politicians, past or present political positions, and so on. Thanks to their expertise and ability to govern, Somaliland is now a much more developed country than it used to be, and one of Africa’s more economically advanced nations.

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