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Random Somali Poetsreport

  • Omar Alasow Ahmed (O)

  • Abdurahman H. H. Osman (A)

  • Shadya Yasin (S)

  • Hassan Sheikh Mumin (H)

  • Warsan Shire (W)

  • Warsame Shire Awale (W)

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About This Tool

There are many Somali poets, and almost everyone enjoys a certain literary status, which is well-deserved after a century of comments and experience. The people here have superb hearing, harmonious rhythm and poetic words can make them relaxed and happy. Therefore, it is also the birthplace of poets of various genres. The tool generates a detailed list of 28 well-known poets, which you can check out if you’re interested in local literature.

These poets were born at different times and witnessed the change and development of Somali culture. They are indignant about the injustice and aggression suffered by Somalia. Even if one can not pick up the hand’s weapon, also hoped that can write with the hand’s pen regarding the aggressor’s hatred and dissatisfaction. When you look at a random list of poets, you’re bound to find stories about what happened to them.

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