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Random Solidarity Electoral Action Politiciansreport

  • Michał Wojtczak (W)

  • Adam Śnieżek (Ś)

  • Janina Kraus (K)

  • Marek Markiewicz (M)

  • Waldemar Pawłowski (P)

  • Zbigniew Fijak (F)

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About This Tool

On 21 September 1997, Poland held its fourth parliamentary election after a drastic change, in which the Union for solidarity-based electoral action took the lead with 33.83 per cent of the vote and 189 out of 460 seats in the House of Representatives, this party has also become one of the main parties in the Polish political party, participating in the processing and consultation of various political affairs.

This party is also currently one of the largest and most widely spread parties in the Polish political party category. Members are responsible for the day-to-day handling of intra-party affairs and the coordination of non-party issues. There are about 456 solidarityaction politicians recorded in the random tool, and they come from a variety of industries, mainly workers, farmers, and Petite bourgeoisie workers. The list of politicians kept in the generator is also the most representative of Poland’s current party hierarchy.

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