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Random Snakes Of South Asia (Colubridae)report

  • Gunther's vine snake Ahaetulla dispar Southwest India

    (Ahaetulla) (Family Colubridae)

  • Shaw's wolf snake Lycodon striatus Transcapsia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka

    (Lycodon) (Family Colubridae)

  • Gammie's wolf snake Lycodon gammiei

    (Lycodon) (Family Colubridae)

  • Sri Lanka blossom krait Balanophis ceylonensis Sri Lanka

    (Balanophis) (Family Colubridae)

  • Abor Hills Kukri Snake Oligodon melanozonatus

    (Oligodon) (Family Colubridae)

  • St. John's Keelback Xenochrophis sanctijohannis

    (Xenochrophis) (Family Colubridae)

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About This Tool

The snake species of South Asia account for almost all of the world’s snake populations. There are all kinds of snakes that we haven’t seen or heard of, especially colubrid snakes, which have 173 entries in this random tool, mainly in mainland India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, parts of Burma, and areas like the Andaman Islands and Nicobar.

The heads of most species of the colubrid snakes are shaped like umbrellas, especially in the head and eyeglasses. The most typical of these is the cobra, which is usually highly venomous and lives in the mountains and forests. In this list of colubrid snakes compiled by the generator, each region of South Asia is represented by colubrid snakes, which are located in different countries and regions and have a scientific name for them.

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