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Random Snakes Of South Asiareport

  • Indian rock python Python molurus Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Java (Family Boidae)

  • King cobra Ophiophagus hannah India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Indo-China, Malay region, Philippines (Family Elapidae)

  • Disteira nigrocincta (Daudin, 1803) (Family Hydrophiidae)

  • Northeastern Hill Krait Bungarus bungaroides (Family Elapidae)

  • Elliot's Earth Snake Uropeltis ellioti (Family Uropeltidae)

  • Bombay Earth Snake Uropeltis macrolepis (Family Uropeltidae)

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About This Tool

Snakes play a special role in South Asian cultures, where people not only worship snakes as “Gods” incarnations but cobras are particularly revered as “Nula pampas,” or “Good snakes.”. Because of the hot, humid weather in South Asia, the local snake species is the most widespread and diverse in the world. This random tool compiles a list of 143 famous snake species from different countries and regions in South Asia. The detailed scientific names can be found in this list.

There are snake temples, snake villages, snake dances, snake boat races, and snake festivals every year. “Snake dancing” has a history of thousands of years in South Asia. Even today, many friends who travel to different countries in South Asia often see the ancient traditional culture of snake dancing. But the dancing snakes also have their own breed to choose from, and not all the species recorded in the generator will be selected, taking into account safety and many other factors, including aggression and toxicity.

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