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Random Snakes Of Illinoisreport

  • [Image]: BandedWaterSnakeFeedingCoosaRiver.JPG
    [Scientific name]: Nerodia fasciata confluens
    [Common name]: broad-banded water snake
    [Family]: Colubridae
    [Venomous]: No
    [Conservationconcern]: State Endangered

  • [Image]: Blackracer111805.JPG
    [Scientific name]: Coluber constrictor priapus
    [Common name]: southern black racer
    [Family]: Colubridae
    [Venomous]: No
    [Conservationconcern]: Locally common

  • [Image]: Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma.jpg
    [Scientific name]: Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma
    [Common name]: western cottonmouthwater moccasin
    [Family]: Viperidae
    [Venomous]: Yes
    [Conservationconcern]: Locally abundant

  • [Image]: Storeria dekayi 1.jpg
    [Scientific name]: Storeria dekayi wrightorum
    [Common name]: midland brown snakeDe Kay's brown snake
    [Family]: Colubridae
    [Venomous]: No
    [Conservationconcern]: Common

  • [Image]: Coiledblueracersnake.jpg
    [Scientific name]: Coluber constrictor foxii
    [Common name]: blue racer
    [Family]: Colubridae
    [Venomous]: No

  • [Image]: Daimondback Watersnake.jpg
    [Scientific name]: Nerodia rhombifer
    [Common name]: diamondback water snake
    [Family]: Colubridae
    [Venomous]: No
    [Conservationconcern]: Locally common

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About This Tool

Snakes are one of the most common animals around us. You might think that we could easily identify this common reptile, but that’s not the case. If you still can’t tell whether a snake is a cottonmouth pit viper or a copperhead, you can look at the range of snakes. Southern Illinois is home to many different species and forms of snakes, 51 of which are recorded in this random tool.

Different species of snakes vary in size, size and behavior. Other species of snakes, for example, are often confused with well-known snakes such as Copperhead and Cottonmouth. But if you look closely at the information in the generator, you can also find specific information about snake species, references to images, scientific names, species, Venomous, and Conservation concern.

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