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Random Snakes Of Floridareport

  • Red Rat Snake (Corn Snake)

    (Rat Snakes (Pantherophis)) (Non-venomous)

  • Southern Black Racer

    (Black Racers (Coluber)) (Non-venomous)

  • Florida Pine Snake

    (Pine Snakes (Pituophis)) (Non-venomous)

  • Pine Woods Snake

    (Pine Woods Snake (Rhadinea)) (Non-venomous)

  • Bluestripe Garter Snake

    (Garter Snakes (Thamnophis)) (Non-venomous)

  • Florida Cottonmouth

    (Pit Vipers (Crotalinae)) (Venomous)

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About This Tool

Florida has a lot of Everglades and wilderness areas, so the local habitat is also a lot of rare animal and plant resources and birds, insects and so on. Snakes have been a common sight in many cities and regions, and people are not used to them. So far, biologists have found a list of 37 snake species in Florida that have been recorded by humans, and the exact scientific names can be found in this random tool.

These snake species are found in different cities and regions of the region, with different species and forms. The U.S. national park service defines these species as “Capable of thriving and actively spreading outside the natural range”. Most of these species, which are kept in generators, feed on local wildlife and are found in the Everglades. Some pythons can grow up to 20 feet long.

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