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Random Small Shelly Fossil Taxareport

  • Quadrataporata (Net-like)

  • Rushtonites (Conical)

  • Microdictyon (Net-like)

  • Torellella (Tubular)

  • Eccentrotheca (Scleritome elements)

  • Chancelloria (Sponge spicule-like)

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About This Tool

Nineteen small shelly fossil taxa were recorded as the random tool, most of which were fan-shaped, covered with a faint spiral texture and stony, and looked more like “Shell fossils” from prehistoric sea animals. The fossils are of a different color, about the size of a normal egg, but heavier than an egg. They appear bright black and grayish-white with cracks on the outside.

The Small Shelly Fossil stored in the generator has different shapes and types, Whole-organism, monoophoran-like, Scleritome elements, Conical, Net-like, and so on. The fossils, mostly limestone and silica, have been well nourished for decades, if not centuries, when they were deposited under the ocean. Thanks to the tireless efforts of marine scientists and geologists, the Rescue Dawn.

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